Tuesday , June 28 2022

TRT Scandal Review: Friday prayer instead of the folk garden


On the TRT music channel, singer Ahmet Tuzlu changed the phrase "Friday prayer" from "White Rose Red Rose" to "a communal garden."

The song "Harman Yeri", which was broadcast on the TRT Music Channel, changed to the program "Beyaz Gül Kırmızı Gül" in Kirkuk. Instead of praying Friday, the use of the expression of the garden of the people caused a great deal of reaction.

Ahmet Tuzlu, a singer singing a song by the famous singer Ibrahim Tatlises, used Yay Nation's Garden lu, AK's election promise in the June 24th election, instead of Friday's prayer.

In the original of the song "White Rose Red Rose" or The White Rose comes from red roses, roses. The half-dressed white azya, Friday prayer comes from statements, while the program is broadcast on TRT Music amaz White rose red rose, roses come from. The half-covered white azya comes from Yar's garden.

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