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What is BİM this week? 13 November 2018 Product catalog BİM


BİM stands out with today's superb products and opportunities. BİM November 13, 2018 continues to offer you discounts with the most special offers and special discounts. Exceptional discount prices and very special offers from Tuesday as well as BİM markets offer you all the bizarre details of these news awaiting you.

BİM November 13, 2018 the current product list awaits you with excellent discounts. This week's discounts from BİM's current opportunities continue to protect your budgets. You will find many special deals in the current BİM discount list, which offers many opportunities.

BİM November 13 will present current product discounts on one page. BİM's markets on Tuesday will be offered with many offers on food products. BİM's real list, which includes many opportunities for nuts, chips and snack products, will also offer you the most special discount prices for drinks and chocolates this week. Strange details with BİM today 13 November 2018 Third discounts on this news.

BİM 13 November 2018 Full Product Catalog SALI B

Simbat roasted nuts 500g 22,95 TL
Simbat Pistachios 500g 34,95 TL
Simbat salted cocktail Mix 200g 4.95 TL
Simbate mixture of first cocktails 200g 11,95 TL
Funny Nuts Pistachios with Jalapeno flavor 150g 3.75 TL
Finds spicy / spicy brands 83g 2.99 TL (each product)
Potato Potato Sauce with Patient Spice taste 270g 4,45 TL
Oetker moss 450g 12.95 TL (each item)
Serel Garden Bees 800g 8,45 TL (each product)
Serel tahin 500g $ 980
Le Cola Sugar without carbonated beverage 330ml 1.25 TL
Teat lemon / peach flavored iced tea 330ml 0,95 TL
Finike mixed fruit fruity soda 6x250ml 4.95 TL
Le Cola carbonated beverage without sugar 1,5L 2,25 TL
Meysu pomegranate juice 100% 1L 4,75 TL
Vip 3 in 1 instant coffee 18gx20pcs 7,25 TL
Carbonated natural mineral water drink Rival 250ml
Buono chocolate milk whipped cream / cream 100g $ 4.95 (each product)
Buono bitter almond chocolate 80g 3.95 TL (each product)
Buono orange bitter / no sugar chocolate milk 100g 3.95 TL (each product)
The 18th party party amounts to 3.95 TL

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