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What is Opdivo? How much money is Opdivo? Solution to cancer? Where to buy?


What is Opdivo? People struggling with lung cancer had a promising growth. With the new Opdivo cancer drug developed, it is possible to overcome lung cancer. Following this development, citizens began to explore the subject on the Internet. What is Opdivo? Solution to cancer? Where to buy? How much money is Opdivo? The details …


We continue with Nivolumab (Porthos), our first article titled P Three Musketeers) that shines oncological therapies. Malignant melanoma skin cancer after treatment with ipilimumab (Yervoy) after activation of the immune system was rapidly acquired. Based on the information received, new braking mechanisms that could trigger the knockout immune system in the patient with cancer were detected. PD-1 is also known as programmed cell death protein and is a receptor on the surface of immune cells. This receptor binds to the protein structure of PD-L1 released from the cancer cell and activates the braking system of the immune system for cancer. Nivolumab (Opdivo) and Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), two drugs developed against these protein structures, were tested in lung cancer patients after being effective in malignant melanoma.

Lung cancers are mainly examined in two subgroups such as small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancers consist mainly of three groups as Adenocancer, Flat Cell Cancer and Large Cell Cancer. Chemotherapy for adenocarcinoma in this group and targeted treatment for appropriate patients are significantly higher than squamous cell cancer. In the studies conducted up to the last few years, we can say that treatment options for non-functional squamous lung cancer are orphan, depending on the type of adenocarcinoma. In recent years, remarkable data has been obtained by controlling the immune mechanisms of the immune system such as Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab (regulators of the immune control site) in lung cancer. Perhaps most importantly, these drugs were more prominent in the squamous cell subgroup than others.

In the light of these data, the results of the study called der CheckMate 017, designed by Julie Brahmer and colleagues, were presented at the American Cancer Congress in 2015 (ASCO) and published on May 31 in New England Jornal of Medicine.

In this study, a new drug was tested in 272 patients who developed local (third stage) or metastatic (fourth stage) flat lung cancer and the first patient who had no response after platinum drugs called standard therapy. In the study, Nivolumab, which was the second drug in the study, was compared with the chemotherapy drug Docetaxel, which was accepted as the world's most common therapy.

The risk of death decreased by 41% in patients with Nivolumab and overall survival was 3.2 months. One-year survival rates were almost doubled in the Nivolumab arm. When the two drugs were compared with the frequency of adverse events (grade 3-4), Nivolumab had a 7% side effect while 55% of Docetaxel had side effects. In this respect, it was also found that the new drug is extremely applicable.

As a result, in 2015, Nivolumab managed to leave a revolutionary mark on the treatment of lung cancer. I hope that this drug, which will be approved by the FDA on 4 March 2015 in the US, will be available in Europe and in our country in the short term as soon as possible after the necessary legal investigations or in patients with non-lung cancer level cancer.


Social Security Institution's Health Information Document (SSI) Amendments were published in the current version of the Official Journal and entered into force. According to the communiqué, the Ministry of National Defense and the Turkish armed forces demanded veterans and witnesses, as well as the military service of soldiers performing military service and exceptional health services under the additional pay, will not be charged. The medical counsel's report, which is necessary for dental care for people with disabilities of 40% or more, has been converted into a unique medical report prepared by the examiner.


5 cancer medicines were covered by the SSI for a refund. The 5 cancer pills included in the payment list are:

"Footer: Add Indication, Cervical Cancer, Glioblostoma

Xgeva: volume of bulky bone cells, bone metastases (prostate, breast, lung)

Mozopil: Leukemia, before transplanting lymphoma,

Opdivo: Renal carcinoma, methane, classical Hodgkin's lymphoma

Revlimid: addition of indication, mantle cell lymphoma.

In this way, patients known as "156 kidney cancer patients" were given access to the cancer drug needed to treat them.


40 percent and more people with disabilities, cancer, organ, tissue, stem cell transplant therapies will be made directly to the medical rationale should not be sought.

In patients with Turner syndrome, growth hormone lengths can be extended. With the SUT regulation, arrangements have been made to pay for the growth hormone costs to be used in these patients.


The use of medical reference, based on payments made for celiac disease, a related metabolic disease, has increased from 1 to 2 years.

Bone measurement to determine the bone melting process to avoid frequent radiation from these patients every 2 years to ensure exposure and exposure are every two years.

THE STATE PROVIDES $ 25 billion in the province

About 2 billion cans of medications consumed last year from SGK 25 billion were paid – among the medicines consuming diabetes, digestive and oral health systems took the lead

The Social Insurance Institution (PGI), last year, was consumed by the citizen for about 2 billion cans of £ 25 billion paid. Among the drugs consumed, diabetes, digestive and oral health were related to those who took the first place.

From the budget of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security this year, 54 billion 442 million 431 thousand pounds of foundation foundation, the cost of the drug is a significant part of the costs.

17 billion 388 million pounds in 2014 for the drug, 18 billion 895 million pounds in 2015, 2016 21 billion 374 million pounds in the back of SGK's repayment, about 2 billion cans of drugs consumed last year 25 billion 166 million production pounds.

payment of Turkey to the question, which is about $ 1.10 trillion global pharmaceutical market in Australia, Korea and took the lead with countries like Russia.


Among the drugs consumed were diabetes, digestive system and oral health care, followed by antineoplastic drugs, including anti-cancer drugs, and systemic anti-infective groups, including immunomodulators and antibiotics.

In recent years, antibiotics observed in 35 out of 100 recipes have been reduced to 29 prescriptions, resulting in the rational use of antibiotic campaigns and sensitization activities.


Like all people are wrong and unnecessary drug use in Turkey, they are among the serious problems that affect public health.

Non-rational use of drugs may lead to reduced compliance, drug interactions, resistance to certain drugs, repeat or prolongation of the disease, increased incidence of adverse events and increased treatment costs.

Antibiotics, fever does not relieve pain, virus-related infections, especially those that clarify that the treatment of widespread and inaccurate use of these drugs, even if the effects of the expected effects of the bacterium are not yet useful in the treatment of the virus, becomes noticeable.

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