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Who is Ahmet Kural? – News


Ahmet Kural was born on November 10, 1982 in Kütahya. Ahmet Kural, born in Kütahya, decided to become an actor because of his sister training at the conservatory and graduated from the Department of Radio and Television at Selçuk University.

After this training, he received his degree from Bilkent University and studied at the Mujdat Gezen Art Center.

During his training, he joined the Levent Kırca-Oya Başar theater staff. While working at the theater, he began to appear on television in the series Görün Fikrimin İnce Gülü al and Ev Evimin Man and TRT. He began playing the lead role in the Gazi series, but due to low scores, the series was removed after the 19th episode. In the same year, he collaborated with Haluk Bilginer, Köksal Engür, Hümeyra and Özgü Namal in the movie birlikte Son of the Sun Aynı. He then played in a part of the Ramazan Guzeldir series.

In 2010, he directed with Murat Cemcir in the film Çalgı Çengi c directed by Selçuk Aydemir. On June 28, 2012, he appeared on Star TV and shared the leading roles of the series: Güç Cemcir and Sadi Celil Cengiz. He then shared the leading roles with Murat Cemcir in the movie "Wedding Association". In October and November 2014, he was appointed by a minister in the film Ohlou Hokkain Shifresh.

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Murat Cemcir and Minister Seda shared the leadership of the Brotherhood series on February 13, 2014.

On December 4, 2015, Murat Cemcir shared the leading roles of the Wedding Association 2: Sunnah, which is the most watched film of 2015.

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