Monday , May 29 2023

Who is Zeynep Bastık? What role?


Zeynep Bastık participated in the cast of Forbidden Elma, which attracted much attention from Fox TV screens. Zeynep Bastık, who was transferred to the Forbidden Brand in an amazing way with his talented and beloved actors, will entertain his audience with his role as Taksim rock musician soloist, who will attend the 23rd episode. What is Zeynep Bastık, who will take over the role of Irem in producing Prohibited Apple? Zeynep Bastık, who has performed his performances and made successful songs with his strong voice, is involved in casting many remarkable series of works and how old he is from where?


Zeynep Bastık, who has written his name on screen for "Forbidden Apple" and is about to appear next to the audience on screen since the 23rd episode, such as Irem, will open his eyes in 1991. Zeynep Bastık is 27 years old and has a color of 1.65 cm. Zeynep Bastık, who was successful and talented in this field, was a singer of Murat Dalkılıç for a while. Zeynep Bastık, who made a duet with Murat Dalkılıç, called Lüzumsuz Savaş, took the role of Rüya in the Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz series, advancing in the series. Zeynep Bastık, who has become a favorite name of large masses in front of the camera in his works, such as happiness and silence from, will be on the Forbidden Apple cast.

The apple pie is forbidden

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