Friday , March 31 2023

A child hit on his ass hurts his brain


Recent research has shown that punishing children by blowing their buttocks has left many psychological and physical injuries in the long run.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says in its updated policy published Monday that children's victory in their buttocks may lead to negative brain changes, lead to drug abuse and suicide in puberty.

The academy advises parents to avoid screaming, hitting, harassing, threatening or offending their children and encouraging them to follow healthy forms to guide their children.

Although the beatings may sometimes lead to a temporary improvement in the child's behavior, studies suggest that they do not produce long-term positive results.

The academy also suggests that parents encourage their children to play mentally and physically games and keep them away from television, computers and smartphones.

Other studies have linked physical punishment to childhood with brain changes during puberty, including reduced gray matter and increased levels of stress hormones.

Studies have shown that suicidal behavior, aggression and drug abuse are other long-term consequences of beating a child.

The Academy warned of serious verbal abuse, citing research linking sanctions to depression and divergent behavior among adolescents, according to the British Daily Mail.

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