Monday , October 3 2022

A girl realizes that a crime has been harassed by her sixteenth employer



An Asian maid has reported a crime that has harassed her 68-year-old European employer by placing her mobile phone in video capture mode during the execution of the crime by the accused.

The case was revealed by the Dubai Prosecutor's Office on Thursday, before the criminal court, where the man was accused of cheating the employee who photographed the incident and a second girl working in the same house.

The girl, who photographed the incident, said the defendant called her to her room and violently harassed her after asking her to massage him, as well as her colleague after she took off her clothes.

He points out that the accused invited her back to his room and was afraid to repeat his action, so she put her cell phone on the scene of the video cassette to give a police guide for his actions, indicating that the camera documented what he did with it, together with her colleague.


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