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Abu Dhabi Businesswomen celebrates the completion of the fourth awareness campaign for entrepreneurship


The Abu Dhabi Business Council (ADWC) celebrated its conclusion
The fourth Abu Dhabi Emirate Awareness Campaign in 2018, which
It started in November last year on "Future"
Entrepreneurship in Digital Economy "under the auspices of the Sheikha Fatima Hierarchy
President of the General Women's Union, President of the Superior Council on Maternity
Childhood is the supreme chairman of the Foundation for Family Development, the Honorary President of the Council
Abu Dhabi Entrepreneurs.

The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammed Al Hamli
Deputy Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and Dr. Huda Al Matroushi, Member of the Board of Directors
Executive Board of the Abu Dhabi Business Council and Alia Al Mazrouei, Member of the Board of Directors
The Executive Board of the Abu Dhabi Business Council and Dalian Al Koubasi
Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Business Council and Shafeeqa Al Ameri, Executive Director
The Abu Dhabi Business Council and a large number of strategic partners
The sponsors of the fourth awareness campaign for entrepreneurship and some
Heads of business councils and spouses of ambassadors, women and business leaders in the emirate
Abu Dhabi.

In a speech given on this occasion, Mr Maryam Al Rumaithi, President of the Commission,
Executive Board of the Abu Dhabi Business Council, greetings of Sheikha High Representative Bint Mubarak
Congratulations to the fighters with success and success, stressing that all this has been achieved
The Abu Dhabi Business Council had a remarkable record of what it has achieved
Developing and developing Lula's guidance, support, follow-up and generous care by DD
Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, in addition to the umbrella that hosts the council since then
The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al Rumaithi congratulates the winners for the Best Project Idea Award organized by the Board of Directors
For the attention of women and business leaders, where she won the first Maryam Ahmed Prize
Al-Rumaithi for her work "Apply Azaim" and received a cash prize of 30,000
AED, in addition to certificate and shield and nomination to enter the hatchery .. Vazat
The second prize Kalthoum Al-Akbari for the project "Online Application – Picture"
And he received an amount of 25,000 dirhams in addition to the certificate and shield, and the nomination
To enter the hatchery.

The third prize was won by Mira Shamsi for her work "Cosmetics
organic tattoo "and received a prize of 20,000 AED plus
Certificate, shield and nomination to enter the hatchery and win the fourth Mahra Salem
Mansouri and received an AED 15,000 prize and a shield and certificate of appreciation
And a nomination to enter the hatchery for her work "Smart Fitness Application
Of course at home, "while Huda al-Tamimi won the fifth prize
AED 10,000 for the "Spa for Children" project as well as a certificate, shield and candidacy
To enter the hatchery.

Al-Rumaithi stressed that what has been achieved with regard to the first strategic goal of 2004
The five-year strategic plan of the Council, launched in 2015,
Women 's distinctive participation in entrepreneurship ensures their presence and sustainability in accordance with
Latest developments and best practices, linked to four strategic programs
Nine projects, initiatives and a key performance indicator, and within the program
What is the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship among women
In a competitive working environment, awareness campaigns have emerged as a strategic plan
As part of this program, noting that the Abu Dhabi Business Council supported this
Strategic work through awareness-raising campaigns over the years
2015-2018 to achieve the main indicator of the first strategic goal
Increase the proportion of female entrepreneurs in the private sector through awareness raising
Encourage them to set up their own businesses and provide all sorts of support to secure them
Their presence and sustainability in these projects.

Al Rumaithi said the board launched its first awareness campaign on entrepreneurship in 2009
And it lasted for a full month came under the motto "Our Creativity and Innovation Approach
For Entrepreneurship "and all activities and events were directed around the thematic axes
The second awareness campaign was organized in 2016
For 6 months and under the slogan "Knowledge and innovation in business sustainability"
… saying that the third campaign was organized in the year 2017 and what good
It lasted 6 months and was also under the slogan "Our responsibility to serve the community in our homeland.

In the Zayed 2018 year, the fourth information campaign was held and was for 6 years
Months with the slogan "The future of entrepreneurship in the digital economy".

Al-Rumaithi stressed that the awareness campaigns are being organized for entrepreneurship
It has produced several important results such as the number of courses, programs and workshops
The project carried out 113 courses, programs and workshops involving 2686 participants
Business leaders, the average total satisfaction in all events was 94%, the average
95% usage and monitoring impact.

In addition, 23 exhibitions were organized involving 706 female entrepreneurs
And the satisfaction rate with participation was 93%
Awareness campaigns in 2016 Launch of the Best Idea Project co
His three sessions were 114 participants and 14 women won.

And for the quality results achieved by this strategic project over the years
Al-Rumaithi said there was an increase in the number of workers with innovative licenses
The number of license holders was 96 in 2015 and their number reached 1827 in 2006
2018, was also set up in 2017 to create a nursery for innovative hatching projects
Women who want to create businesses and offer these opportunities
Helping them embrace these projects and empower them, and the number of projects was
(8), in addition to encouraging women to adopt entrepreneurship projects
Where the number of women who have opened business after
They joined the specialized training courses / lady of the total / 2686 / lady
At 20%.

One of the results achieved was the increase in the number of women with innovative leave
Who has turned licenses into commercial licenses through the support of the Business Council
Abu Dhabi, 34 / businessman, and the total number of women with
Free consultation by the Council / 88 / Lady in 2018 where the service was activated
Providing consulting and development projects for women in 2018.

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