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ADIPEC 2018 records the record numbers of participants and visitors


The number of exhibitors reached 2,200 from 67 countries and 29 national kiosks.

The number of exhibitors reached 2,200 from 67 countries and 29 national kiosks.

The International Abu Dhabi Petroleum Exhibition (ADIPEC 2018) was the largest since its inception, with more than 145,000 visitors from the oil and gas industry worldwide and 145,000 exhibitors, the number of exhibitors reaching 2,200 from 67 countries and 29 national kiosks.

The four-day event was held under the auspices of His Excellency Sheikh Califa bin Zayet Al Nahan, President of the UAE, with the support of the Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Association (ADNOC) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from 12-15 November.

The report was attended by Sheikh Mohammed High Representative Bin Rassid Al Maktoum, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the UAE and Governor of Dubai, attended by OAE Vice-President and Dubai Prime Minister and Attorney, His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rhapsody Al Maktoum, His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayet Al-Najhan, Abu Dhabi Ambassador and Assistant Supreme Governor of the UAE Armed Forces, Shih Haza Bin Zayen Al Nahan, Vice-President of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, His Excellency Mr Manhur bin Zayet al-Zahan, Deputy Prime Minister, and Sheikh Ham Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the Court of Abu Dhabi's successor, who opened the exhibition and conference accompany him, His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan , Minister of Tolerance, in addition to a series of His Excellency.

Mr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State and CEO of ADNOC, said: "With the guidance and support of wise leadership, ADIPEC has achieved great success this year, ADNOC has announced the importance of implementing the concept of oil and natural gas Gas 4.0 to accelerate the entry of the world oil and gas industry in the fourth industrial era, using artificial intelligence, large data and a series of cuts that help boost operational efficiency and performance. Efficiency, economic growth and empowerment of human resources, revealing a new era of growth opportunities, where digital innovations offer unprecedented opportunities for progress and prosperity throughout the world. "

"ADNOC continues its efforts to achieve a qualitative leap, making the company focus on improving performance and informing about rapid developments in modern technology applications and exploiting the opportunities it offers, thus contributing to leadership and growth new energy era ".

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber praised ADNEC's efforts to work with ADNOC to launch the conference and the ADIPEC report at this level, which is in line with the importance of the fact that it is contributing to the consolidation of the UAE and Abu Dhabi as a global center of petroleum. He stressed the experts for dialogue and discussion and gave ideas and solutions that contribute to shaping the future of this vital area.

Humaid Matar, CEO of ADNEC, said: "We are proud of the results of visitor exposure and volume of agreements on the margins, reflecting ADNEC's success in supporting existing reports and enhancing its competitiveness. At regional and international level, as part of its strategy to underline the status of Abu Dhabi as the capital of the region's tourism business sector. "

It notes that the success of the report at today's meeting will help to strengthen the confidence of the organizers of the events that specialize in the infrastructure of our centers and will enhance the emirate's competitiveness to attract more of the new exhibitions and conferences according to the sectors identified from the Abu Dhabi Plan and the Economic Vision 2030.

"ADNEC is constantly working with all its partners in the public and private sectors to ensure the success of all the events taking place in its various centers inside and outside the UAE and to make them fit in its reputation and prestige Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the largest in its history, but a natural product of these efforts made by many national institutions, to which we thank and appreciate constructive and fruitful cooperation.

A new custom viewing area for Digital technology

The Abu Dhabi International Abu Dhabi Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2018) has opened three new exhibition venues – the Digital Technology Zone, Heavy Machinery Area and the Scuba Diving Zone. The recently completed event highlights the better use of new technologies that will increase business efficiency, improve performance, enhance the profitability of the oil and gas industry, and review digital conversion efforts.

More than 160 A strategic conference

The report included a series of conferences and technical lessons presented by a group of energy experts and interactive discussions on the future of the oil and gas sector in many areas, such as ministerial meetings, global business meetings, meetings of corporate and executive directors and a comprehensive technical project. As a leading platform for industry leaders from various oil and gas companies, 42 national and international oil companies, as well as senior policy makers and decision-makers, participated in more than 160 strategic conferences with a total of 980 speakers from all over the world. the world Who touched all aspects and stages of the field.

ADIPEC 2018 hosted round-table meetings hosted by VIP members from the Middle East Petroleum Forum. Business leaders and industry decision makers participated in open dialogue meetings to change and develop strategies that can enhance and define future business models and to influence transformational strategies. In this area, define the future map of the oil and gas sector.

Program Adipec Youth

The fourth edition of Offshore & Marine, conducted alongside the world's leading oil and gas industry, has been a unique opportunity to improve communication and interaction with shipowners and shipboard operators, logistics and drilling platforms. The ADIPEC Youth Program, fully supported by Abu Dhabi's Education and Knowledge Department, has attended the participation of some 600 high school students, Emirates and international students, to gain access to modern knowledge and gain knowledge of the oil and natural gas industry gas. The program was launched by ADIPEC in 2013 to serve as a qualitative initiative to strengthen youth communication bridges. The program managed to host more than 1,900 students between the ages of 14 and 17 in the first five years of its inception.

ADNEC offers about 133,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space and water areas on the Adnik Marina Marine Avenue, which is suitable for international and live events that can be adapted to customer needs and much more. Of the 6,000 parking spaces, making it one of the most sophisticated exhibition centers in technical equipment at a regional level beyond its modern facilities, it is connected and manufactured to the highest international standards.

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