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Al-Ittihad – UAE devises the method of "microscopic surgery" to restore the nerves


Al Ittihad newspaper

United Arab Emirates

100 some amputations and 40 "kidneys" treated annually by the Rashid hospital (source)

100 some amputations and 40 "kidneys" treated annually by the Rashid hospital (source)

Sami Abdul Raouf (Dubai)

Dr. Khaled Abdullah Al-Awadhi, Head of Surgery and Microscopy Surgery at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, has revealed that a Rashid specializing medical team has managed to devise a well developed nerve recovery method, giving results that are considered the best internationally compared to other methods. The hospital succeeded in restoring 39 patients with mutilated parts this year.
Al Awadi said in a press release on the sidelines of the Fifth Session of the International Conference on Advanced Orthopedic Surgery that the United Arab Emirates have introduced the latest methods of treatment worldwide in the bone field, particularly microscopic surgery and nerve repair, in addition to growing human skin.
He pointed out that the innovative method applied by doctors at Rashid Hospital is to take a sweat from the body and then sew the nerve ends with this fight, which acts as a tube and thus makes nerve growth in a certain direction and leads to rehabilitation.
He points out that the doctors at the Rashid Hospital in Dubai have made great progress in the implant field, which are successful in the continuous returns from the fingers to the full judge's hand, there have been accidents that have resulted in the mutilation of parts of their body, noting that the most important work of the medical team at Rashed Hospital is the combination of the recurrence process and the application of cosmetic surgery at the same time, which gives the best results to all .
"Deformers are one of the most difficult and complicated procedures for reconnecting the nerves, arteries and tissues that are not visible to the naked eye and treated with microscopes as required by doctors in the operating room, Complete successfully, allowing the patient to restores the instrument to function as efficiently as before amputation. "
Al-Awadhi said most of the cases referred to the emergency department at the hospital and addressed to the surgical department to deal with them are a few mutilations of a body organ, in a total of 100 cases per year, while the total mutilation of the member reaches about 40 cases per year. For craftsmen, traffic accidents, accidental handling of children with home doors and lifts, which can either break or break on fingers or legs.
He stressed the importance of speeding to go to the hospital in case of partial or total mutilation where the procedure should be carried out within a period of five to six hours of injury so as not to be exposed to the damaged organ and difficult to return.
Al-Awadhi pointed out that the hospital recently received a very difficult situation for a young man who was injured in a traffic accident that resulted in mutilation of his hand and fingers. However, the medical team managed to bring it back after a very difficult business.

Al-Ittihad – UAE devises the method of "microscopic surgery" to restore the nerves UAE – Innovations – Method – "Surgery – Microscopic" – to restore the nerves

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