Monday , March 20 2023

Emarat Rizk reveals the first picture of her second child


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Rana Salah Al – Din – Cairo – Follow Bay 365

Syrian artist Emarat Rizk, the second child of her husband, star Hossam Junaid, was released in August and named "Ehsab".

The Syrian artist participated in her first photo with her little girl, at her own expense on the Instagram page, she expressed great admiration for the picture and called on God to save her daughter.

She is the second child of Emir and her husband, Hossam Junaid, after their first child, named after her homeland.

The rumors about the separation of Syrian artist Imarat Rizk from his husband Hossam Junaid were common for several months. The publication of an account attributed to her husband was a comment: "Divorce is a real thing in life."

Emarat Rizk was eager to respond to these news in a clever way and to announce a happy event for her husband. A photograph of a pink bottle was posted on her profile on Instagram's website and commented: "Days, The Moon .. Hossam Jnid's Feel .. Adouli .. And I was afraid of a lot.

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