Monday , October 3 2022

Juventus is close to removing Arsenal's star from Bayern Munich's thorns


Juventus aims to include Arsenal Aaron Ramsey's midfielder in the upcoming season, especially during the summer transfer after his contract with the Gunners, which ends at the end of the season.

A Ramsey was shot during an Arsenal fight

The international press has confirmed that negotiations with the player to renew his contract have been seriously hampered by the fact that the player wants to try out a new experience that has made many important European clubs that have signed him under the leadership of Bayern Munich, From other clubs, especially in England.

Juventus is preparing to offer a strong motivation for the player, Ramsey has been awarded an annual salary of 15 million euros for polarization to freeze Bayerner's middle of the next season with a free transfer after the expiration of his contract.

The transfer of Juventus to Ribery will amount to 45 million euros before taxes. If the deal is over, he will be in Bianconeri for four years due to the admiration of the old coach Massimiliano Alegre.

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Ramesy will be free to negotiate with any major European club on the next shuttle window where he can reach an agreement with any team that wants his services in the winter without mentioning his club due to the end of his contract at the end of the season.

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Bayern Munich officials saw the club near Denmark in the Champions League, where they expressed confidence in their ability to join the club, but Juventus seems to be preparing to hit the German champions' hopes to enter the talented defender.

The Roma were also interested in joining the club, but the administration of the Italian capital is well aware that it can not secure the deal in comparison with Juventus and Bayern Munich, which have significant economic potential.

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Ramsey has not played with his team since last September because he has not reached an agreement with the Gunners to renew his contract, which was completely out of the accounts of Unai Imri, coach of the team, which offers impressive levels of results.

Ramsey was born in Cairefley, Wales in 1990, and arrived in Cardiff City after a tough fight from Newcastle United.

Ramsey made his 2006-07 debut with Hull City and was the youngest player to play at Cardiff, where he was only 16 years old.

Cardiff City received an offer from London to sell the player for just 1 million euros. The offer was rejected as Everton attempted to join and attempted three times to do so but eventually failed in the end.

Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton repeated Ramsay after his brilliance. After strong negotiations, the Welsh chose to join the group for a 5 million euro in a long-term contract.

Ramsey played his first European Champions League qualifier in 2008 against Tifenty, marking his first goal with Gunners in the Turkish Fenerbahce at the same time.

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