Wednesday , May 31 2023

Montpellier increases the difficulty of Marseille and takes second place


Montpellier took second place and increased Marseille's fate when he defeated him by 3-0, Nantes continued his five-minute clean-up against Janjan's home, while St Etienne regained the winning streak with a tough victory over Angie 4-3 Sunday at the end of the twelfth round of the French championship.

In the first game at the Lausanne court, Montpellier agreed with his fans after leaving the League Cup with a humiliating loss to Nantes 0-3 on Tuesday, while Marseille and Marseille scored the same after the third victory in the championship and seventh season.

Montpellier took a 1-0 loss to Paris Saint-Germain, who was on the first day of the second round, taking second place in the finish line. Marseille fell to sixth place after 19 points.

The Marseille players collapsed in the second half and gave three goals through Jaitan Labord (51, 62) and Paul Lassen (70).

Montpellier, who won 2-1 in his home in Paris Saint-Germain 2-0, and third in the competitions after falling to Lazio in the third round of the Europa League.

The Mediterranean team lost four days before going to Italy to play their decisive fight against Lazio in the fourth round of the continental race, where they will have to win to keep their hopes in the competition for one of the Group VIII cards.

Marseille is third with 1 point, eight behind Eintracht leaders in Frankfurt and five behind Lazio.

Win sweep

In the second fight, Nantes waited in the 43rd minute to open the score from the penalty shootout of Argentina Emiliano Sala successfully before reaching the second with four goals. (83).

It was the third victory in the second round of the championship in Bosnia's fourth match by Vahid Halilodzic and the fourth in a series of fights after leading them to the League Cup final on Tuesday with a 3-0 victory over Montpellier.

Halilodzic began his career with Nantes with a 3-0 defeat in Bordeaux, but then led to a 4-0 win in Toulouse, home to Amien 2-1 both in the league and then in Montpellier in the League Cup .

"I'm tired but tired, I say honestly, I did not expect all of this, but I have to congratulate all those who contributed to this series of victories, especially the players who accepted my work and listened to me for their regular engagement in the fight."

Nantes went up to 10th place with 15 points, with goals against Bordeaux and Rehn, while Jangan returned to the losing streak after winning 4 draws in the last five games after losing 6 consecutive defeats, losing the seventh season and remaining in seventh place .

Sexy victory

In the third, St Etienne returned to winning the last three games (a loss and two draws), winning Angie 4-3 dramatically and arriving at the fifth.

Angie was the first player to score in the second half with a 2-2 draw in the second half of the match.

St Etienne exiled with a friendly fire when Vincent Mansso scored a 73-point foul before the Almerian striker Roman Hamouma scored the winner's goal one minute before the end of the original time.

Saint Etienne raised his lead to 20 points from 12 points for Lange XV.

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