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Saudi News – asked his colleague to make the way and stab him three times


Watch the news of Saudi Arabia – asked his colleague to make the way and stab him 3 times
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Date: Monday, November 5,

Paris News – In a strange incident, an employee at Dubai's restaurant touches them stabbed three times in different parts of his body after being asked to stop.

The Dubai Criminal Court began the trial of the worker who killed his colleague when asked to let him go to put the meat in the fridge. He killed him and stabbed him with a knife that cuts onions in the restaurant's shop.

The accused was sitting on the cutting means onions and the corridor was close enough to get to the refrigerator he was asked to allow him to pass but the defendant refused and asked him to go over the bags of flour "How can I pick up the bags and bring it meat? ", the accused replied.

During the victim's escape from the store, he is surprised when he stabbed him with a knife on his leg and stomach. When he tried to defend himself, he cut him in hand, causing permanent disability until the controversy was solved by the restaurant staff.

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