Friday , March 31 2023

Sultan Bin Zeeid is present at Marqad Seih Al-Shat in Suwaihan


HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, OAU Deputy Chairman and Governor of Dubai, yesterday witnessed the launch of Sihan Grocery at Suweihan Camel Racing, which will take place under the auspices of His Supreme Church. Many awards have been awarded to the winners of the centers from the first to tenth of each round. The winner of the first place in the main games of Bakkar and Qa'an adan in each category will receive a luxury car. X in cash.

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Zayd al-Nakhan had prematurely lost the field of race early yesterday and assured his Excellency the good organization and the provision of services to all participants and the public and his Highness the need to overcome the obstacles for all participants and watch and take this event worthy of camels and status in the heart of the UAE And the attention of wise leadership as a cornerstone of our heritage.


During his tour, Sheikh Sultan High bin Zayed Al Nahyan met with various participants and members of the Organizing Committee and called on all competitors to comply with the conditions of the route and transparent competition to achieve the benefit and the goal of all and to contribute to the consolidation of this ancient heritage sport that is closely linked to the life of parents and grandparents. As part of our long-lasting heritage, the peculiarity of our culture and our national identity.

The participants and the public expressed their happiness for the honor and sponsorship of His Majesty Sheikh Sultan bin Zeeid, stressing that His Excellency is the first supporter of the heritage and the example of the camel and the ideal for the preservation of this heritage. His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Zaid Al Nahyan is willing to support the owners and encourage them to take care of Camel Racing, encourage them to produce and buy the best camel breeds and provide all the services and support for the continuation and maintenance of this original sport.


The first half of the first half of the season began, "tired", for Ali Zerai and won the first place and won the first car after finishing the race 4:26: 2 minutes while the second was "Mahbouba", for Saeed Al Neyadi, 4: 26: 5, and in third place "Hajar", for Abdullah Al Kutbi, 4: 26-26.

In the second main game for the local court, Rahal took over Mohammed Suhail Oweidan Al Ameri for the first half and won the second car after 4:24 minutes. In the third game, Al-Zubi Al-Amiri won the first place at 4: 31: 2 minutes, in the open seat of the fourth half, was the first place of "Myas" in Ahmad al-Maliki, where the 4: 38: 9, For "guidance," to Hamid Mansouri, 4: 31: 2.


In the ninth half of the open season, Al-Mansoori dominated the first half of the race and won first place in 4: 43: 1 minutes. In the 10th game, an open seat went to Maand to Ibrahim Al-Derai, End of 4: 37: 5, and in the eleventh half of the open round Balcheh in Riyadh Thamer Al Saadoun surpassed all of its competitors and reached 4 : 35: 2.

The evening

In the context of the Sih al-Shat race, which was devoted to the Lanka Age, running for 12 km, was "voluntary" for Mohammed Suhail to destroy the Amri, a date by law and a grand prize for the main line of the local Bakr, was the first time in 5: 49: 3 minutes and won the first car in the evening contest. In the second half, the headquarters of the local team, sultan bin Yario Mohammed Al Mansouri flew first and won the car after 5: 45: 5 minutes, and in the third semester Bakr competitions Awn, Mubarak, Khalifa Al-Khaili ranked first and Na Let's win the Grand Slam at 5:58: 4 minutes.

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