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Tesla appoints the chairman of his board instead of Masak



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23 minutes on 9 November 2018
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November 8, 2018 / 20:25

Tesla announced the appointment of board member Robin Dunholm as chairman of the board instead of Elon Mask more than a month after resigning as part of an agreement with US regulators.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted Tesla until 13 January the choice of an independent chairman on the basis of an agreement with the company. The committee said Mr Musk's tweets on the deletion of the company were misleading and had to resign from the presidency but could retain the position of CEO.

Masak has been a member of Tesla's board since 2004 and wrote in August that he plans to cancel his listing for $ 420 per share and had set up the required funding for the deal, which later collapsed but attracted the attention of government agencies .

Denholm's appointment ends months of turmoil that hit the company and its stock as investors demanded tighter control of Mask, whose public behavior has created fears about its ability to manage the company in a difficult period of growth.

Dunholm is now the CFO of Telstra Communications Australia and since 2014 is an independent Tesla member.

Tesla has announced that Denholm will immediately take over its new position in Tesla with immediate effect and leave Telstra immediately after the six-month notice of resignation.

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