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The Minister of Agriculture receives a report on the visit of the UAE Food Safety Authority


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Friday, November 9, 2018 – 10:59 p
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Friday, November 9, 2018 – 10:59 p

The Minister for Agriculture and Rehabilitation, Dr Ezzedine Abusett, received a report from Dr Ahmed Al-Attar, Head of the Quarantine Central Directorate, on the visit of the Dublin Food Safety Authority to discuss the food control initiative from the source , at the request of the UAE.
Appostit commended the efforts of the Central Administration of Quarantine, which helped increase exports of agricultural products abroad, benefiting the national economy, and called for more efforts to open new markets for Egyptian products.
Al-Atar said a delegation from the Dublin Food Safety Authority visited the Central Department of Quarantine in the presence of Dr. Hussein Mansour, head of the Egyptian Food Safety Authority, to review the role of quarantine and control mechanisms of Egyptian fresh vegetables and fruits exported to the UAE.
He added that he gave a detailed explanation to the members of the UAE delegation on the role of isolation in the system of examining and monitoring Egyptian exports and the quarantine of the agricultural commitment to the implementation of the decisions and rules and mechanisms for the accreditation and consolidation system agricultural holdings and stations and packing centers to apply good agricultural practices with greater emphasis on laboratory analysis. The approval and codification of any holding to this system only after the withdrawal of a representative sample of the holding by the quarantine and cedar inspectors and sent to the Central Laboratory for Pesticide Residues as well as the procedure for issuing agricultural certificates and attaching the origin of the Pesticide Residue Certificates with consignments to the UAE.
Essam Al Hashemi, head of the Food Control Department, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, stressed the importance of the Egyptian commitment to the application of the UAE's health and phytosanitary requirements and praised the role of Egyptian agricultural quarantine in the export control system .

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