Wednesday , October 5 2022

The red covers Sunday's regional exchanges


Sharjah 24:

The performance of regional market indices on the first Sunday's weekend.

Saudi Arabia's index fell by 0.22%, closing at 7496.91 points, while the Kuwaiti index fell by 0.22% to close at 0.22%. While the Bahrain index grew after a positive return of its sectors by 0.13%, closing at 1310.88 points. The Oman market grew by 4,452.12 units in support of finance and services. Finally, the Jordanian market declined by 0.10%, closing at 196.49, pressures from the financial and service sectors.






0.22% negative

Saudi Arabia


2.16% negative








1963, 49

0.10% negative

Collective decline of the Saudi Arabian market

Saudi Arabia's stock market declined as liquidity indicators declined in all sectors, while the general market index fell by 165.26 points or 2.16% closing at 7496.91 points. Indeed, the shares of the 14 companies rose against the fall in stock prices of 168 companies. At the sectoral level, all headings of the capital goods sector declined by 3.33%, followed by the 2.91% telecommunications sector.

The Al-Sorayyah share price increased by 5.58% to US $ 14.38, followed by QNB by 5.26% on SAR 20.00. With 5.82% to reach 17.80 riyals.

Dar Al Arkan ranked first with 18.9 million shares, followed by Al-Enma (17.5 million shares). SABIC was the top loser with SAR368,6 million, followed by Al-Enma (362,6 million RLS).

Red station in the Kuwaiti market

The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) declined by 11.19 points or 0.22% closing at 5285.14 points. Investors traded 15.5 million shares worth 6.6 million KD, which were executed through 1329 transactions.

The stock price of the shares increased by 1.42% to 0.214 dollars, followed by the industries by 1.27% below the 0.160 denarius, while the JFH share price fell most 2.41% to reach the price of 0.0971 dinars. 1.94% below the 0.600 dollar price. KFH ranked first with 2.4 million shares, followed by Zain, with 1.8 million shares. KFH's share topped 1.4 million dinars, followed by Zain by 872.1 thousand Dinars.

Small rise in Bahrain market

The performance of the Bahrain Stock Exchange rose 1.72 points or 0.13%, closing at 1310.88 points. Investors traded 1.6 million shares worth 430.2 thousand Dinars. At the sectoral level, the hotel and tourism sector increased by 24.24 units, followed by the commercial banks sector by 6.43, followed by the services sector by 0.03 points, while the rest of the sectors remained at the same value of the previous meeting.

The Hotels Gulf Group recorded the highest increase of 1.40% to KD 0.436, followed by Al-Salam Bank of Bahrain by 1.09% to Kc 0.093. The Bahrain Duty Free Shop Company's share price dropped by 0.69% to reach 0.20. GFH Financial first appeared with 865.4 thousand shares, followed by the National Bank of Bahrain with 160,000 shares.

Small rise in the Oman market

The Omani rose today in trade, supported by the financial and services sectors, where the index closed at 4452.12 points or 1.56 points or 0.04%. Investors traded 4.1 million equities worth 1.1 million riyals executed through 149 transactions, stock prices of 3 companies against the fall in stock prices of 8 companies and fixed stock prices of 14 companies. At the sector level, the industrial sector declined by 0.10%, while the financial sector gained 0.05%, followed by Services that earned 0.13%.

The price of International Financial Investment shares increased by 1.15% to reach the value of 0.088 riyals, followed by Phoenix Energy 0.94% to reach the value of 0.107 riyals. On the other hand, the share price of Bank Dhofar increased by 18.18% to SR 0.009, followed by Al Madina Investment by 2.50% to 0.0 0.039. Oman Investment & Finance outperformed the list based on the volume of one million shares, followed by NBE shares with 873.8 thousand shares. The shares of the National Bank of Egypt ranked first with a turnover of 838.8 thousand Riyals, followed by shares of Oman Investment and Finance by 90.7 thousand shares.

The services sector limits the decline of the Jordanian market

The Jordanian market index fell to today's trading after negative performance of the financial and industrial sector in terms of liquidity and volume indicators. The general market index closed at 196.49 points to earn 0.10%. Investors exchanged 3.9 million shares worth 6.5 million denarias It was through 2128 trading, and stock prices of 28 companies against the drop in stock prices of 39 companies and stock price stability 43 companies. At sector level, the service sector increased by 0.43%, while the financial sector declined by 0.27%, followed by the industrial sector by 0.09%.

The stock price of South Electronics was the highest 7.69% increase in JD 0.14, followed by Jordan Pipe Industries by 4.95% at JD 2.54, while Jordan Housing was the biggest loser by 4, 82% to $ 2.76. Jordan's economic growth and investment by 4.77%, reaching 3.79 basis points. The Arab Bank came first with a turnover of 3.3 million KD, followed by Specialized Investment Compounds with JD387.8 thousand.

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