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Another couple can leave the dance with pain due to injury – No taboo


Pavel Vishnyakov and Julia Sakhnevich can leave Tantsi z zirkami in front of the schedule - photo 1

Pavel Vishnyakov and Yuliya Sakhnevich can leave the Dance with their children

After the 11th edition of Dance with the Light, one of the couples made a public statement that, as a result of injury to one of their partners, they could stop participating in the show.

Pavel Vishnyakov's dance partner on the dance Yulia Sahnevich has serious health problems due to the last show on the 1 + 1 TV show and the participants can leave it if the girl does not recover until 11 November. This is stated in their statement on Instagram.

At the official Instagram show "Tantsі zіrkami" there was a warning that the participation of Vignyakova and Sakhnevich was threatened by a back injury to the dancer.

"We hope that Yulia will recover in the near future and will be able to continue preparing for the next show," the statement said.

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The participation of Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia Sahnevich in dances with stars is threatened

The couple was dancing for an unprecedented fusion, having received 29 points from the judges, but apparently paid for the excellent technique.

So far neither Pavel nor Yulia has officially commented rumors about leaving the show.

Pavel Vishnyakov and Yuliya Sakhnevich: Fusion in the 11th edition of the Dance

Friends started wishing a quick recovery to the girl, but some wondered if it was not necessary to return some of the departed participants.

For example, Denis Berinchik returned to the floor in the next issue after Oksana Marchenko's voluntary retirement.

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