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Euromaidan – Omega sniper fired by national guard arrested for suspected execution of protesters euromaidan – Ukraine


The sniper of the special forces of internal troops "Omega", who was arrested under suspicion the murder of a participant in the revolution of dignity, was dismissed by the Interior Ministry institutions in 2016, the Prosecutor General's Office said.

"In 2016, he was fired, he worked in a private company," said Sergey Gorbadaku, head of the GPU's research department, in a comment on 112. Ukraine.

He clarified that the suspect was arrested and is now imprisoned.

"He was arrested on 3 November this year under the suspicion that he would overcome his official power and commit murder under aggravating circumstances." He is accused of committing, along with … Berkut, of "the assassination on February 20," Gorbatyuk added .

In the decision of the Pechersk court to arrest the suspect, his ranking is indicated – lieutenant colonel. Since 2013, he has been a senior trainer in shooter training by a team of instructors of a separate Special Purpose Unit to combat Domestic Soldiers terrorism.

The survey found that the sniper shot an unarmed demonstrator from a position on the right of the concrete blocks on the territory of the Group of the Cabinet.

"The suspect was in a position and had the opportunity to make sure during this time that none of the police officers cooperating with the special unit, including the lieutenant, were physically injured, threatened their lives or their health, and firearms from demonstrators ", – the document says.

The press service of the Ukrainian National Guard, in turn, reported that as of November 15, law enforcement agencies did not hold an active soldier who captured a sniper at NSU units.

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On November 15, the media reported arresting the sniper of the special forces "Omega", suspected of the fire-fighting members of the Denial of Dignity in the center of Kiev.

The survey found that on February 20, 2014 the suspect with a sniper rifle "TS.M308" shot the theater director Alexander Krapackenko, who, along with other activists, was right in front of the "snowblock" at Institutskaya Street.

Commander of internal troops Stanislav Suliak sent the Institutskaya sniper team to the special forces unit "Omega" as a support of a special company of the Berkut militia. Shooter teams are placed in the territory of the Ukrainian cabinet.

The suspect was detained on October 31 in his home, on November 3, the court arrested him for 60 days.

He is charged with crimes under paragraphs 5, 12 of part 2 of the article. 115 (premeditated murder, carried out in a manner dangerous to the lives of many persons, subject to a prior agreement of a group of persons) and part 3 of the article. 365 (excessive power and public authority) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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