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how Kokorin and Mamaev spend time at SIZO – RT in Russian


Paul Mamaev visited the church on the territory of Moscow SIZO No 2 and received a mat to play sports. Also, the Krasnodar average said he had no complaints about the detention conditions in Butyrka. In turn, lawyer Alexander Kokorin has appealed to the Bureau of the Moscow Court to arrest his client.

For more than a month, Alexander Kokorin and Pavla Mamaev have been detained at the No. 2 Reservation Center in Moscow. According to the court ruling, both athletes can be released on December 8, unless the court decides to extend their stay in Butyrka for another two months. About a week ago it was reported that the investigation received new information about the incident involving players and may take extra time to confirm it.

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In this case, athletes themselves are linked to the difficult stage of their lives. As recently noted by POC's secretary-general responsible, Ivan Melnikov, Zenit's progress has not recently come to the best of the word.

"Today I visited a controlled insulator, I saw Mamayev and Kokorin." The meeting was short: Alexander has changed a cellmate – this is still suspected of a financial crime that has not been tried beforehand, according to Kokorin. he is very anxious, more intense than Paul – it can be understood – Kirill is in the next cell, "says Sport-Express Melnikov.

At the same time, the average of Krasnodar actively tries to maintain his physical condition. As Melnikouff said, this does not even interfere with limiting the transition to the gym.

"He manages to play sports in the cell. Mamaev showed a yoga mat, he said that he and his colleague had been doing exercises. Paul also displayed the entire icon screen, which he did with his colleague. The footballer says conditions are generally good enough. If I was not worried about my relatives, I would not have felt any inconvenience, "the PMC executive secretary added.

Mamaev himself said he recently visited a church in the SIZO territory and also confirmed that he had no complaints about the conditions of detention.

"Kostya (the teammate of Mamaev. RT) made an iconostasis from a large cardboard sheet. The pictures were given to the temple "Voutyrka". We had been there several times, we were even able to take society. I have no complaints or questions about booking conditions. The sun is not enough. And I want to admire the sky – the roof is in the courtyard of pleasure, so only the edge is a visible blue strip, "says Mamayev" Moskovsky Komsomolets ".

Recently Mamaev reads a lot. It is noted that on the shelf of a footballer there is a lot of religious literature, as well as the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky "Idiot". At the same time, he said he thought he was in possession of a colossal experience.

"You hurt, you do not have time to think, you are alone with yourself, you do not listen at all, and then that's enough, I understand a lot." "What exactly?" These are rather personal deep feelings, I do not want to talk about them There is also an awareness process, "said Mamaev.

At the same time, he admitted that he waited for the moment he could return to his homeland.

"The prisons are enough for me, ready now – in rubber slippers and tee shirt – at will, but it's not for us to decide, it has lost a lot of family, especially children, so you want to embrace them! In freedom, we do not understand our happiness and we do not appreciate much, "concluded Mamaev.

However, difficulties happen with a tight footballer. So his wife, Alana Mamaje, said she wanted to get the Mercedes AMG G63's car from the Krasnodar car park but had some difficulties. When asked to take the vehicle, it was rejected.

"For any reason, it is not clear, we are divorced, so they did not want to leave the car." In a telephone conversation he explained the situation and explained that there was no divorce, I have documents confirming this (marriage certificate.RT). This seemed inadequate, they said they could not return without the owner's permission. Then Pasha from SIZO wrote a letter that would allow me to give the car to me, "said Mamaev's wife at

However, even the player's request did not satisfy the club's official. Then, Mamayev's lawyer, Igor Bushmanov, who threatened to bring a lawsuit, had to intervene in the case. Only after this situation was it resolved, and the car turned out to be the wife of a Krasnodar player.

"The car has already been surrendered to Alana Mamaeva, attracted to these police officers, and it has been argued that an application will be filed in accordance with Article 330 of the Criminal Code" Self-government. "The club did not want to deal with it and the car was given away For what reason did he not want to give the car? Absolutely without reason and without clarifying the reason, "Bush said in the championship.

At the same time, it was reported that Oleg Koporin's lawyer, Oleg Popov, appealed to the Bureau of the Moscow City Court to arrest his environs. According to the lawyer, the crimes committed by Alexander are classified under Article 116 of the Beating Penal Code, which does not imply detention pending trial.

"A domestic struggle as a result of a verbal hostility is, unfortunately, a rather frequent occurrence every day across the country, and we believe that the investigation and the court have no legal grounds for the detention of Cocorin." Even in accordance with Article 213 of the Criminal Code ("Hooliganism"), this sentence is rarely chosen, especially if the accused has already been convicted. This is the most severe precaution, he is being voted for murderers, rapists, terrorists, "said Ponta TASS.

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According to the lawyer, he does not understand why Cocorin was punished in the same way and demands for the player a "fair restraint".

"Alexander is not dangerous to society, he is socialized, disciplined, has a parent, a husband and a child, is a respected player of the Zenit club, who is ready to guarantee him," Popov concluded.

However, according to well-known sports commentator Gennadi Orlov, Kokorin and Manabev will most likely be imprisoned to attack Minpromtorg Denis Pak head and Olga Olshakova first channel driver Vitaly Solovchuk.

"It is obvious that Zenit lost Kokorin's footballer, and now they all say that they and Mamayev will be in jail until February 8. For four months they do not train, they do not move at all, with Alexander and Paul very difficult. in Moscow, I met with different people, and with a researcher, a professional, he said, "No, no, they will definitely have a condition." Therefore, there is little hope, "Orlov said in the air of GSO Live.

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