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In Nikolayev, a 19-year-old Infiniti passenger broke a trap with a foot (video)


The drunken driver of the car and his 19-year-old descendant were imprisoned, the participants in the conflict were led to the police station.

At Nikolayev the passengers of a foreign car started a fight with patrons / Crimes. NOT present

At Nikolayev the passengers of a foreign car started a fight with patrons / Crimes. NOT present

In Nikolauff, the inspector suffered a jaw break during a drunken and aggressive Infiniti driver. At the time of the detention, the uncle of a drunken driver rushed to the police officer and kicked him on the face.

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Reports on this "crime is not present", referring to the head of the National Police in Nikolaev region.

It is noted that the incident happened on the night of October 26 in the neighborhood Ternovka. Patrolmen paid attention to Infiniti's car. In the foreign car cabin, besides the driver, there were still some people – they had signs of alcohol poisoning.

The driver of the car refused to undergo examination for the presence of alcohol in the body and began to draft a protocol under Article 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine (reduce their attention and response rate ") as provided by the procedure.

The driver began to behave aggressively – to push the policeman and lead him in obscene language. The man did not react to the warnings and the patrol went ahead to keep him.

When the policeman began to handcuff the driver, a 19-year-old metropolitan of the detainee rushed to pull him off, who kicked the law enforcement officer in the face.

The driver and a 19 year old boy were detained, all the participants in the conflict were taken to the police station. Later it turned out that, as a result of a strike by a patrol police officer, the jaw was broken.

As a result, the police initiated criminal proceedings pursuant to Part 2 of Article 345 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Threat or Violence against a Law Enforcement Officer").

The man who hit the patrol was already informed of the suspicion. A report on the election of a precautionary measure to the court is being prepared.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev, a drunken driver traveled an accident near the Russian embassy.

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