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Loboda does not follow the appearance of his offspring: Show Business: VladTime


The girl always goes with a strange hairstyle.

Svetlana Lobanda owes her brilliant career not only to her inherent talent, which the singer gave with a decent cut but also in her sexual appearance. Every picture of Loboda in the Instagram account is like a work of art, as Svetlana never takes pictures without perfect makeup, professional style and exclusive clothes, keeping the status of a superstar. However, it appears that the singer is accustomed to just watching her appearance, forgetting that her siblings also need her attention and care. Such a conclusion can be made after familiarizing her with her microbial, often showing pictures of the older daughter Evvolina of Loboda. Almost in each of the images a seven-year-old girl puts her hair in a bold, styleless style.

Probably, Svetlana Lobanda has not only time to face her daughter's appearance, since her appearance seems to be losing much time away from her. You do not have to be a genius to understand that the singer's money is enough to hire a professional who will monitor the appearance of his daughter. In addition, Loboda itself has to gradually train her daughter to take care of herself and maintain a clean look, since at the age of her active interactions begin with the starting peers who can just move the girl if it looks like a deck. In addition, the girl as a child can hold a grudge against her mother, who remains for a long time and disappears due to intense work, forgetting that Evangelion needs support. It remains to be hoped that Svetlana will have plenty of time to dedicate his daughters among the touring concerts.

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