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Maxim Galkin said in an interview with rapper Baste about marriage with Alla Pugacheva


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The 42-year-old Russian celebrity Maxim Galkin spoke of love and controversy with his 69-year-old husband, Alla Pugacheva. About this opened the show "GazLive", led by musician Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), banned in Ukraine.

Galkin said his beloved's age does not matter to him and is very good together.

"I have lived with Alla since 2001. We have been living together for 17 years, so we talk about the fact that I love the elderly – I've heard it many times, I do not love the elderly, I love sexually, I love a person. 25 then, it's 52. We have a difference of 27. I do not love her for her age but because it's so good, and we feel good together, and between us everything happened between people who love each other "- says the comedian.

Maxim noted that he had never even thought of a divorce.

"We have never had such a life in us so we can think seriously about the divorce; we generally complained last time about 15 years ago. When we have a conflict situation, I always agree with Alla, I am disrespectful in this respect" – admitted Galkin .

Galkin said about the wedding with Pugacheva: Everything was between us

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According to him, the proof of their love is children.

"And we had children, because children could only appear in love, no matter if parenting or something else, up to 25 years, I had many lovers, girls, maybe there was not much, I can not say I was kind of playboy, but there was a certain number of girls, they were all of my age, and I felt great with them, including sexually. But when I saw Alla … well, it happens, "says Maxim.

At the same time, the showman shares with Prima Donna often feels great: "Almost everything that concerns my tedious part is me and at this point always said that I am retired, old and new."

She also said that Others are just a great mother.

"Now, when there are children, she is a completely crazy mother and she asks them the greatest attention," Galkin said.

Galkin said about the wedding with Pugacheva: Everything was between us

Photo: Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children (

The parody also replied to the question about the size of the Pugacheva pension. According to the artist, once was only two thousand rubles. "Alla was not so afraid of the pension reform itself, the size of her pension," Maxim shocked.

Remember that Maxim Galkin responded in a singular way to the rumors of his divorce with his wife, the famous singer Alla Pugacheva, appearing on the network and the press. The parodist emphasized that this information was excessive and unreliable. Note that RosSMI attributed to Maxim Galkin a romance with the Russian leader Julia Baranovskaya.

Earlier, Alla Pugacheva was afraid of the fans of the abrupt cancellation of the show. Prima donna announced she will not be able to appear at a concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of singer Leonid Agutin due to illness.

By the way, Maxim Galkin touched the fans of a new family video with Alla Pugacheva.

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