Monday , May 29 2023

Oleg Vernyaev injured in a tournament in Switzerland: video


At the Arthur Gander Monument, held in Chiasso, Switzerland, Olympic Champion 2016 in Rio Oleg Vernyaev injured his foot.

This Ukrainian gymnastics reported on its own Instagram profile, commenting on the annoying episode.

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"Well, these friends, as they say, come to shit, I will tell you a few words: When I arrived in Milan, getting off the bus, I turned my right foot, I thought hard but with the help of my friends, the local physiotherapists, perform the jump, reaching the third missile, I did the exercise very badly and immediately felt that I had hit my leg but also my left: Conclusion: there are different situations, sometimes a decline, sometimes a rise! , to prepare and conquer new heights ", Vernayev wrote.

It is worth noting that despite the injury Vernyaev took the ninth place in the tournament.

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