Wednesday , February 1 2023

Posco plans to increase car list production by 30%


South Korean Steel Company Posco said it is seeking to maintain its position as the world's leading automotive manufacturer, increasing its annual motorway output to 12 million tons by 2025, or 30% more than last year.

Head of the company Jong Jong, speaking at a meeting with employees after the first 100 days of working as a team chair, stressed this Posco will remain open to new technologies for the production of steel outside the company instead of relying solely on "home" growth.

He also noted that the battery component of the company Posco chemtech try to get at least 20% of the world market share of anode materials used in electric vehicle batteries. In the context of this development, the company plans to build a coke manufacturing plant needle, which is used in the manufacture of battery toner electrodes.

Posco also plans to carry out some internal restructuring, including the transfer of its natural gas liquefaction activities to Greece Posco daewooas well as the management of the plant and units of the project for its construction Posco Engineering and Construction.



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