Wednesday , February 1 2023

Pugacheva said what she was afraid of in her speeches (video)


Alla Pugacheva shared information that frightens her in the lives of the homeless. According to the singer, sometimes she feels smart.

The star posted an archived video on the Instagram page.

In the video, it tells viewers how difficult it is to communicate with the perpetrators, write songs and preserve the image of a frivolous woman.

"I'm afraid, for example, of an interview where I may look smart and I'm not a silly woman and it's incredibly difficult to hide because I just look smart, everyone will say!" It's a stupid song I sang, "that is, all my songs suddenly start to grow stupid," – said Alla under the strong laughter of the room.

The post was immediately liked by the artist's fans; in the comments, the fans praise the sense of Pugacheva's humor and her ability to laugh.

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