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Svetlana Loboda and the alleged father of her daughter Till Lindemann met in Berlin


06:17, 11/15/2018

The Rammstein captain visited the singer's concert.

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Svetlana Loboda travels to Germany, where she was in the company of the Rammstein 57-year-old leader Till Lindemann. The rumors that she is the father of the younger daughter of the singer and that the girl was named Tilda in honor of her father was a long time ago. The couple does not comment on their relationship, but the stars at least communicate closely with each other.

So, for example, having learned that Loboda had just been hospitalized on his solo concerts and underwent kidney surgery, Lindemann immediately flew to Moscow and took the singer from Botkin Hospital. They then saw a couple in a restaurant with their older daughter, Svetlana Eva. The girl was always sitting in Lindemann's lap, while Loboda and the rocker left the installation holding their hands.

Svetlana Loboda with her daughter Eve

Another pair meeting was held in Berlin. Tilla and the singer saw near the entrance of the concert hall where Loboda played. The Rammstein leader watched the show from the VIP shelter and then the couple disappeared in an unknown direction. In Berlin, Loboda stayed for a day, and this is also related to her desire to be with her beloved.

Remember that the romance information for the stars first appeared in July 2017 when the leader of a German rock band and singer watched together at the "Heat" music festival in Baku. They did not take part for a minute, and Lindemann, without hesitation, kissed and embraced his beloved in front of the cameras.

Up to Lindemann

In one of the interviews, Natella Krapivina, producer of Svetlana Loboda, acknowledged that Loboda really has a relationship, but she knows nothing about the room's chosen. "I respect the personal space of Svetlana and do not ask her anything. I know that Sveta has a relationship, but I can not comment on anything, because that is her territory. I never go there. First of all, I'm so quieter. Secondly, Thiele's story is very beautiful in itself, "said Krazivina. He also spoke of Till's reaction to rumors about his case with a Ukrainian singer:" When the story hit the media, Until it sent Sveta many screenshots of the German press and wrote: "We have a global success with you."

At her birthday on October 18, Loboda published a family photograph on her Instagram microscope. In addition to Loboda herself and her two daughters, the picture depicts a male hand that embraces the four-month Tilda. It is worth mentioning that the wedding ring licks in the ring of your favorite singer. In the vocabulary for the publication, Loboda thanked the man for the happiness he felt beside him. Who is portrayed in the photo, is also unknown with certainty.

Svetlana Loboda with children and father of her younger daughter

Note also that Till Lindemann has two adult daughters. He was married three times, now officially free of charge. Prior to the affair with Svetlana Loboda, she had a relationship with the German actor Sophia Tomalla, but they were separated three years ago.

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