Monday , March 20 2023

The attack on the police officer took place at Nikolaev


Today, 19:42


During the detention of a drunk driver, his adopted son decided to "avenge" the police officer

At Nikolayev, a patrol officer holding a drunken driver was attacked – hit the face and break his jaw.

As it turned out, the driver, after stopping for a long time, refused to test blood alcohol, blocked and pushed the law enforcement officer and when he tried to handcuff him, a 19-year-old passenger of a drunken driver kicked a police officer in the face.

As a result, both men in the car were detained. To attack the guards of the order, the young man faces five years in prison.

"The citizen who proved to be the adopted son of the prisoner hit the deputy commander of the third battalion in the area of ​​the person, resulting in injury to the latter, a jaw fracture and cerebral concussion," said Anton Chislov, a patrol police inspector.

We have already mentioned this in the river, a drunken man convicted previously convicted. The incident happened on October 7 at the Day of Defender of Ukraine and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the city.

We also wrote this in Chernivtsi attacked a police woman. An inspector of the police patrol, trying to calm a drunken company, received a bruise from the chest and soft tissues of the face.

And in Cherkassy, ​​a resident in the police building, attacked the police with a knife.

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