Monday , October 3 2022

The dollar ends the fourth week in a row / News /


The dollar exchange rate changes slightly against the world's main currencies during the trading session on Friday and completes growth for the fourth consecutive week. Investors evaluate the results of the November Federal Banking System (Fed), USA.

The euro to the dollar amounted to 14:23 kV $ 1.1350 compared to $ 1.1363 at the end of the previous session.

The cost of a single European currency is 129.21 yen, compared to 129.62 yen on the previous business day. The dollar exchange rate is 113.85 yen against 114.07 yen on Thursday.

Index finger WSJ The dollar, which tracks the dynamics of the dollar against 16 major currencies worldwide, is rising to 0.12%. Since the beginning of the week, the index has added 0.3%.

After the meeting that ended on the eve of the meeting, the Fed keeps the interest rate on federal loans unchanged at 2-2.25% per annum, coinciding with expert forecasts.

At the same time, the text of the announcement of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMCa) after the meeting, virtually did not change in relation to the September statements. FOMC He said he "expects a further gradual increase in the interest rate" in relation to the "generally balanced" risks to the economy, as well as a "small change" in long-term inflation expectations.

No new messages from Fed approved investors in the opinion that the Central Bank still intends to raise the interest rate in December and plans to increase it three times the following year.

Meanwhile, pound sterling is cheaper by 0.3% against the dollar and 0.1% against the euro despite strong statistics.

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