Thursday , June 8 2023

The flagship of the Nokia 9 PureView was named the Olympic smartphone


Finnish HMD Global is developing the Nokia 9 PureView smartphone for a long time, the main "chip" of which should be five cameras on the back panel. The company still does not say anything specific about the release dates of this gadget, but today we have new interesting information about the new product.

A leak from the servers of FIH Mobile, a Foxconn affiliate, revealed that the new Nokia 9 PureView is developing under the name of Olympiakos. And we are almost certain that this gadget got its name in honor of the five cameras used in it, the number of which coincides with the number of rings in the world-famous Olympic symbols.

These are the five Nokia 9 PureView cameras that should be the main feature of this device, which can change our understanding of the capabilities of modern smartphone cameras. But, of course, now are only words and expectations of market experts. And the real potential of innovation will only be known after its formal announcement. Although the PureView brand clearly imposes certain obligations on HMD.

In addition, the information for FIH Mobile servers made it clear that Nokia 9 PureView runs the Android 9 Piece modern operating system with the November security update. And other rumors about Nokia 9 PureView show that the new product can support wireless charging.

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