Wednesday , October 5 2022

Toyota will reduce production of the Camry sedan due to the drop in demand


The Japanese Toyota company will reduce the production of the latest generation Toyota Camry sedans due to the fall in demand. Dealers will start marketing less data cars while on the North American market, where until recently the sedan was the undisputed leader. Probably the rapid growth of the SUV sector – sales of crossovers and SUVs continue to increase for many months in a row, in fact, driving many of the most well-known models from the market.

According to Bloomberg's latest information, Camry's sales are cut each year by 5-6%, which may soon lead to a shutdown of one of the three assembly lines at the Japanese giant car factory in Kentucky.

It should be remembered that Toyota's new sedan Camry entered the markets of the United States and Canada in 2016. Innovation came to the Russian Federation only in spring and has already become one of the most commercial models in the market.

On the domestic market at this time you can buy a Toyota Camry-based generation based on the TNGA platform (Toyota New Global Architecture). The timely version of the sedan contains a 2-3 liter engine, delivering up to 249 "horses". The cost of the base issue is estimated at 1 520 000 rubles and the top version will cost 2 430 000 rubles.

In the Russian Federation, Toyota Camry's sales remain stable at a good level.

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