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Trumpet wants to hold a new state competition for 27 senior posts in the State Security Committee (18/11/18 18:49) "Ukraine's policy


The director of the State Investigation Institute, Roman Trub, initiated a new competition announcement for 27 senior posts in the department. With a proper appeal, he turned to the external competition committee on November 2, Tsenzor reported, NO referring to the press service of the presidency.

"The new competition for the 27 leading positions was not my goal, and I expected the external competition committee to comply with the legal requirements and relocate the materials to a psychophysical test using a polygraph," he declared.

He added that although he was appointed as director of the State Registry Office, he does not have the conditions for preparing and accepting staff decisions due to the destruction of the results of the polygraph.

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According to Pipes, the competition committee rejected a copy of the law on the destruction of polygraphic materials.

"The Commission understands that this document will be used at possible court sessions," he said.

At the same time, Trub said that the new competition does not affect the start of the office's work.

"At the end of November, more than 300 researchers from GDI are starting to work, working with investigators to work together with representatives, other units already working," Trub added.

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Recall that on July 18, the competition committee selected 27 candidates for the positions of the State Investigation Bureau. The director of state administration refused all candidates for betrayal and suspected corruption. The reason is – the destruction of the results of polygraphic candidates. However, the external committee again approved the same 27 candidates.


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