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12 of the best Christmas ads ever made, by " Claus & # 39; until "The Man on the Moon"


Each year, the arrival of the festive season is accompanied by a series of annual traditions, such as the activation of Christmas lights and the increased consumption of abundant cakes.

The annual release of enthusiastic advertising has undoubtedly become one of the greatest customs of everyone, with every brand that struggles to compile with the most emotional.

Who can forget the 2011 John Lewis ad that saw a young boy look forward to Christmas to show his parents a Sainsbury 2014 gift or ad that depicts the 1914 World Christmas Agony?

Here are 12 of the most emotionally shuffled Christmas ads ever released:

1. "The long wait"

John Lewis' The Long Wait & # 39; 2011 Christmas Ad

John Lewis' announcement starts with a young boy looking disappointed for seconds to check the clock as he waits for Christmas to arrive.

While initially it seems like a typical child desperate for a day with many gifts, it's not as it seems.

In the morning of Christ, the boy comes out of bed, ignoring the gifts on the floor of his bedroom, so that he can retrieve the sweet gift he stores for his parents at the back of his wardrobe.

2. & # 1914 & # 39;

Sainsburys Christmas ad ad

In 1914, during Christmas, British and German soldiers on the western front forged a cease-fire, involving about 100,000 soldiers taking part in unofficial truces and communing with each other in celebration of the holiday season.

In 2014, 100 years after the ceasefire, Sainsbury released the ad that portrays the event in partnership with the Royal British Legion.

All the profits resulting from the sale of a £ 1 chocolate bar after the announcement was released to the charity to provide support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces and their families.

3. "The Man on the Moon"

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2015

Nearly one million elderly people in the country experience loneliness during the holiday season, according to Age UK.

This was highlighted in John Lewis' announcement of 2015, which shows a young lady on earth associating an elderly man dwelling on the moon.

4. "The destruction of Christmas Mog"

Sainsburys MogChristmas Christmas Ad Accident

For Mog catastrophic cat, nothing seems to be going on its way to the 2015 Sainsbury ad.

Having crushed utensils on the kitchen table, crushing the gifts with a cupboard and dissolving the Christmas tree, it seems that her family's Christmas Day has been destroyed.

That is, until their neighbors assemble together to help clean their home and put on a spectacular meal for everyone to enjoy.

5. & # 39; Coming Home & # 39;

No one can cope with this hearty German Christmas ad

This announcement of the German brand Edeka became viral in 2015 to speak in the story of an elderly man who can not get his family to visit him for the holiday season.

All his children receive a message saying that their father has died, asking everyone to return home as soon as possible.

Once they arrive, they are overwhelmed by a huge Christmas surprise that will surely make even the coldest hearts shed a tear.

6. & Monty The Penguin & # 39;

John Lewis's Monty the Penguin Christmas Advertising Message

This John Lewis ad from 2014 portrays the friendship between a young boy and a penguin named Monty.

While their friendship is as strong as ever, the boy realizes that something is missing from Monty's life, with the penguin showing signs of loneliness.

So he decides to make Monty's Christmas very special with the gift of love.

7. & # 39; English for Beginners & # 39;

Polish Christmas advertising showing papal learning English melts hearts

Two years ago, Polish company Allegro released an ad showing that an elderly man took an English lesson for beginners.

The man works very hard to improve his English by placing stickers with English words around his home and listening to his linguistic films on the bus.

His motivation to learn English is not clear until the end of the video when he visits his family in the UK for Christmas, meeting his young granddaughter for the first time.

8. & # 39; Travel & # 39;

John Lewis Christmas Advertising Message "The Journey"

Six years ago, this John Lewis Christmas Advertising Event has upset the hearts of the nation as people watched a snowman try to buy a perfect gift for his love.

Based on the version of Gabrielle Aplin's "The Power of Love," this ad was turned into a picture book for children right after its first screening.

9. "The Bear and the Hare"

John Lewis "The Bear and the Bunny" Christmas Ad

No one should lose Christmas, nor a male bear.

Thanks to the gift of an alarm given to him by a hare, this ad shows the bear wakes up in time to join the rest of the creatures under the Christmas tree.

10. "The Snowman"

Ir Bru Christmas ad

In 2006, Irn Bru released her popular Christmas Ad "The Snowman", enjoying the tribute and slightly ridiculing the short film of 1982 with the same name.

The ad has remained classical since then, showing the boy squabbling with the snowman over a box of Scottish refreshment.

11. "Celebrations Are Made"

Coca-Cola Announces Christmas "The Holidays Come"

Coca-Cola's classic holiday "Holidays Are Coming" has been for many years showing a young boy ringing a bell to signal that Coca-Cola Christmas trucks are making their way to the city.

It's undoubtedly cheesy, but it would not be Christmas without this old ad coming to match the TV screen.

12. "Christmas with love from Mrs Claus"

M & S Claus Christmas Advert

Why all the attention falls on Santa Claus when Christmas comes around?

In this 2016 Marks & Spencer, it shows exactly what Mrs Claus gets behind the scenes, delivering the gifts to a red helicopter and making it back in time for her husband to arrive from the night of his work.

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