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Brexit news: EU fears ‘unprecedented’ NI protocol proposal rejected


Post-Brexit agreement: Britain escalates dispute with EU over Ireland protocol

Brussels fears that the British government will reject an offer to cancel 80 percent of inspections in Northern Ireland after the British government went “extra miles” to find a solution to the post-Brexit trade friction over the Irish Sea.

The EU said it was “preparing for the worst” as Britain learned the details of the proposal.

Although London has said it will take the bloc’s package “seriously and constructively”, the most notable is Minister Frost’s demand that the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) be removed from the Brexit agreement.

“Without new governance regulations, the protocol will never have the support it needs to survive,” said a British source. Independent.

Meanwhile, EU Ambassador to Britain João Vale de Almeida said BBC2 Newsnight that the block has gone “extra miles” and offers an “unprecedented” solution.

“Today we did our best to solve the problems of Northern Ireland because we care about Northern Ireland. These problems were caused by Brexit,” he said.


The worker said that ‘more work’ was needed to resolve the Brexit impasse

Labor said it was “pleased to see” while proposing “more work” to improve the Brexit agreement.

This was stated by Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry Sky News other issues can be resolved once trade problems with Northern Ireland are resolved.

“I accept that they have done a good job in terms of continuing the negotiations. Let’s make sure that they really agree on something so that they can make holes that do not meet the purpose of the agreement they signed in the first place,” he said.

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Within politics

In our daily newsletter, Matt Mathers The UK and the EU are looking at the Brexit dilemma and warnings of a potential toy shortage this Christmas.

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Javid supports the decision to publish the schedule of GPs

Health Secretary Sajid Javid defended the doctors’ decision to publish the league’s schedule, insisting it was transparent and not equal to the “naming and disgrace” of family doctors.

“It’s important that patients have this information, because I want to see health care improve across the country,” he said. Sky News.

Mr Javid hopes the plan will increase face-to-face doctor appointments.

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Drakeford says the British government’s ‘harsh rhetoric’ about the EU is ‘not helpful’

Mark Drakeford said it was “useless” for the British minister to make harsh statements criticizing the Brexit agreement signed by governments.

Wales’s first minister made the remarks on Thursday after meeting with EU Ambassador to Britain Joao Vale de Almeida. He said the bloc’s proposal for a Northern Ireland protocol was a “practical” attempt to address trade friction on the Irish border.

“I do not think it is useful for British ministers to make harsh statements criticizing the agreement they have signed,” he said. Sky News.

“So from the Welsh point of view, what we always ask is that people should always be around the table, people should be pragmatic, people should look for a place where they can agree, rather than always draw red lines. Where they are not ready to agree.”

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What has the EU proposed for Northern Ireland?

Here for those who miss Jon Stone An overview of the recent EU Brexit proposal:

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British companies are facing a serious recruitment crisis

A new study says British companies are suffering from a post-Brexit recruitment crisis.

More than nine out of 10 employers in the hospitality and catering industry are struggling to find work.

Jane Gratton of the British Chambers of Commerce called on the government to take targeted immigration measures to help companies.

“Obviously, the lack of staff affects the recovery and growth of both producers and service enterprises,” he said.

“If no action is taken to address the growing problems posed by this data, businesses will also have a hard time meeting demand, and consumers will see their goods and services dwindle further as winter progresses.”

Our correspondent Lamiat Sabin There is a full story:

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Brussels “prepares for worst” under Brexit proposal

Brussels believes it will reject Britain’s offer to cancel 80 percent of checks on goods coming to Northern Ireland from the UK.

A European diplomat said the proposed solution to post-Brexit trade friction was “unprecedented” and that the bloc could offer nothing else.

However, Britain pointed out that the proposal did not go far enough.

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