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End of the World: NASA's asteroid WARNING causes conspiracy theory of the Bible | Strange | News


The biblical co-writer who declares ending World Prophecy from West Lafayette in Indiana, USA, believes that "the last days are here".

Pastor Begley claimed that the arrival of three asteroids that would pass through the Earth on Saturday, November 10, is one of the many warning signs that preceded biblical writing.

He believes the three asteroids will reach the third day of the "five waves of energy" that wash on the planet – a fact that says it could be more than just a coincidence.

The conspiracy theorist said: "Three asteroids are on their way this weekend, we just discovered within an hour, three of them.

"They are not going to hit us, they do not. They will come near and come the same weekend of the third wave of the five waves of energy.

"Now, 40 fire brigades fired last night from the Earth's atmosphere, so what's going on here?"

The preacher preached that "something ugly is happening in the heavens" and suggested that it could be the wrath of God.

Pastor Begley's bad warnings come after NASA's asteroid trackers that three major asteroids will fly the planet over the weekend.

All three space rocks have a diameter between 24.9ft and 98.42ft (7.6m and 30m).

The closest of the asteroids will approach the Earth from just 237,037 miles (381,474 km) which are marginally closer to the Moon.

Pastor Begley defended his allegations, saying that his interpretations of the closing times he approaches are based purely on the Christian scripture and the word of God.

He said, "I'm not responsible for how God will shake the skies, I'm supposed to tell you only that it's going to shake the sky.

"And when people say" I do not think I will shake the sky "then I say okay, well here is what some scientists say could cause it.

"In fact, this is what happened in the past to Chapter Nine of the Exodus when the fire was mixed with hail and stone stones fell to the Earth and the fire hit across the earth creating chaos.

"This is what has happened once, probably will happen again.

If you read the Apocalypse, it tells you that it will do. If you read Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 – if you read the second chapter of Chapter 3, you know that Peter says the Earth is going to melt with intense heat.

The preacher claimed that asteroids and waves of energies that passes over the Earth are all signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

He said: "People need to be saved and people must be ready because we really live in the last few days. Can you say amen?

Astronomers, however, are not afraid of asteroids rogue who are now heading into a course of conflict with the Earth.

Astronomer Matija Cuk, from the University of British Columbia, Canada, said: "It is highly unlikely that there will be a regional or global disaster whenever soon – in the next two centuries – since we have already discovered most of the asteroids near Earth larger than 1 km. none of them seems to be heading in this way.

"The identified impact is less likely to occur in a given year, so the level of risk at any point or time is also low."

Pastor Begley famously declared this July Blood Moon, the lunar eclipse was a biblical warning sign prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

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