Wednesday , May 31 2023

In the UK, Jovid infection has risen again to one in 60 people Coronavirus


According to estimates published on Friday, Covid-19 was performed in about one in 60 people in the UK.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), the spread of the infection is in its third week, as it was about 70 percent of the previous week.

At the peak of the second wave in early January, it was estimated that about one in 50 people had the coronavirus. According to the latest estimates, one in 60 people is equal to about 890,000.

Although the government continues to insist it will rely more on vaccines without locking in to get through a difficult winter, some experts have expressed concern about the growth.

Prof Christina Pagel, director of UCL’s clinical surgery research unit, said it was more common among high school students to criticize preparations for children to return to school. About 8.1% of all high school students were infected, more than 6.93% the previous week.

“When will we say enough to protect the children?” tweeted Pagel, author of an article in the Guardian last week, noted that countries such as France and Germany were using additional measures as part of a “vaccination supplement strategy” designed to reduce incidents and deaths.

Among the first recipients of the vaccine, the number of people over the age of 50 has increased in the UK.

In Wales, one in 45 people is estimated to have passed Covid-19 on October 9, up from 55 in the previous week, and the estimates were the highest since they began in July last year.

The latest estimate in Northern Ireland is one in 120, up from 130 the previous week, but well below the last peak of one in 40 in the week leading up to 20 August.

For Scotland, ONS estimates that Covid-19, one in 80 people, dropped to 1 in 60 on October 9, the previous week.

Catherine Noakes, a professor of environmental engineering for Leeds University buildings and an expert on indoor air quality and airborne infections, said the situation was needed to stop it from getting worse in the coming months.

“We have more disease than the rest of Europe. We have less control than the rest of Europe,” he said, adding that he continues to focus on ventilation, wearing masks and washing hands.

ONS estimates that one hundred percent of people who test positive for Covid are growing in all regions of England except the East Midlands, London and the Northeast.

In the Northwest, Southwest, and Yorkshire and Humber, about 50 people were expected to take a positive test last week.

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