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James Bulger's film launches the documentary of Channel 5 for "stay with the evil" by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables


25-year-old transmission since the end of the trial, James Bulger: The new revelations last night examined the case of James Bulger, who was kidnapped in 1993.

Bulger was arrested by a shopping center in Liverpool at the age of two and was murdered by 10-year-old boys Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Including testimonies and evidence from those who knew them well and examined them during the persecution, the documentary offers new and impressive evidence, shedding light on what two 10-year-old boys have been turned into killers.

In addition, new interviews and testimonials from those directly involved in the case present the fullest picture of what led Thompson and Venables to the murder.

But Mommy of Bulgaria has hit the show and has been distracted after the show.

Denise wrote: "I had to watch the disgusting documentary @ channel5_tv @ caravan__media, to find out what to do.

"I can honestly say I'm upset, smoking with mutual sympathy with the bad murderers of my beautiful son who was only 2 years old when they kidnapped him and murdered him."

A follower replied: "I'm very sorry to have to go over again.

"They should never have been released and there is nothing to justify what they did to your beautiful boy. Send love to you and your family."

Another one added: "I could not watch, Channel 5 should be ashamed of themselves, it should not be allowed for these bad boys to walk on the earth … Big embrace Denise.

And someone said, "He started, but he was not watching for a long time. Nothing will ever justify or approve in this case."

Statements by Robert Thompson, his accomplices to Jon Venables for the murder of Bulger, were released.

They reveal some amazing and twisted remarks by the convicted assassin.

Thompson claimed to be "better man" as a result of his eight-year detention for scary crime.

Thompson, now 36, apologized for the killing of two-year-old James as he tried to win his freedom.

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By provoking release, he said: "I feel like I know I'm now a better person and I've had better life and better education than if I had not committed the murder.

"There is obviously an irony in it, but it's also part of my angry feelings as well.

"Personally, I wish Mr. And Mrs. Bulger and their families know that I desperately regret what I did and I realize the huge thing I did.

"Mr. and Mrs. Bulger made statements to the press stating that they would see in me any compliment of fortune as a cynical maneuver to ensure my release.

"It's hard, since, to see how I could ever communicate my wraps in an effective way."

Thompson also told the drafting committee: "I am deeply ashamed of what I did and to take part in this terrible assassination."

Thompson's statement is revealed for the first time in Channel 5 documentary James Browner: The New Revelations.

Months after the appearance of James Bulger's murderer, Jon Venables "wants to be released from prison for Christmas" as he "fights depression", according to reports.

Venables and Robert Thompson have been living anonymously with new identities since they were released from a life sentence for kidnapping, torture and killing of two-year-old James 25 years ago when he was 10 years old.

The former, in the mid-30s, was locked up earlier this year because it had more than 1,000 unsigned children pictures.

The couple received a lifetime anonymity from a judge of the Supreme Court.

In February, he was imprisoned for three years and four months after he admitted surfing to the dark tissue for images of extreme child abuse and has a "sick" Pedophile Handbook.

He was accused after the police found more than 1,000 reckless images on his computer.

It was the second time he had caught such images and when he was arrested, he told the police that he was plagued by "stupid urges".

Less than one year after his re-entry, however, the prisoner, now in his mid-decade, has applied for temporary leave during the holiday season.

A source of prisons told Daily Star Sunday that Venables is also planning to apply for an early ban and is desperate to "move away" from other prisoners.

The source said: "Venables wants to get out of jail as soon as possible.

"He will seek permission for Christmas and an early ban – nothing to get away from other prisoners."

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