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Jessie J will be a mother, despite the diagnosis of infertility, as the romance Channing Tatum is warm


Singer Jessie J has published a series of emotional notes for Instagram, to which she is committed to tackling the diagnosis of infertility and fulfilling her destiny to become a mother.

The 30-year-old Costetag artist has been dated by actor Channing Tatum in recent weeks and has talked about how she would want to be a mom against all odds.

It had previously been told by doctors that she could not have children, but Jessie has vowed in Instagram's story to challenge her and prove that doctors are wrong.

With her relationship with Channing seemingly getting tighter, this could be a big step in pairing the couple.

Jessie J went to Instagram to explain the meaning of her song, Four Letter Word, which includes lyrics about how much she wants to become a mother.

He wrote in the post: "After explaining the meaning of my song" Four Letter Word "on stage during this tour, the love and support I have received is overwhelming.

Jessie J talks about her desire to be a mother

Jessie continued to explain the diagnosis of infertility she had received, but how she did not give up hope of having children.

Instagram's story continued: "I was told four years ago that I would not be able to get children. I was also told that I would need immediate hysterectomy and medication.

"I have rejected hysterectomy and I have been deactivated by all medicines through natural medicine and dietary changes." I did not give up hope, doing what I can to make it the best way my body will allow.

With a nod to all those who have followed a similar path, Jessie has stated that the "emotional journey to motherhood" must be more open.

The asteroid stars added: "It took me a long time to be open, it is my truth, and when I put it in my music it's out there." My trip is only a million that I have. "I stand with you ladies. pain to transform it into joy. "

Jessie J traveled to the UK and talked about the diagnosis of her infertility

Channing Tatum has been cast in praise for his new girlfriend, Jessie J

Jessie's boyfriend, Channing Tatum, merges his daughter with their mother, the Jenna Dewan model.

Mother is an experience Jessie is determined to have. She went on to another place in her 7.5 million fans, with a message of positivity about her difficult position.

She wrote: "I will be a mother, as you will do it, I believe in the miracles, but if it does not, of course, it was not the journey, but a mother is in us all, and that is inspiring everyday. , ..

"It's scary to be so vulnerable But it's real I wrote the song for myself in a moment of sadness that helped turn this sadness into strength and for everyone else who has experience something close to this issue of fertility issues.

"It is a personal, unique trip. My prayers and thoughts of love are with everyone and everyone who is related to their own way."

With Channing telling her admiration for Jessie in a recent social broadcast, following her appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, it seems Jessie wants to beat the diagnosis and get in the family way.

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