Monday , March 20 2023

Man launches fireworks directly to the cyclist from the window of a moving car


This is the great moment when a man starts a firework on a cyclist by a moving car.

The dangerous event occurred on Facebook after being filmed by the driver of the vehicle.

In the video, the missile seems to hit the cyclist and explode, but it is not clear if the cyclist was injured.

As the short clip begins, the front seat occupant can see the illuminated lighting outside the window.

A few seconds later, she is fired on the street – with one of the men saying "goddess".

It is not known when the incident occurred but was posted on Facebook by a user from Yateley, Hampshire, who wrote the publication: "The Captive, sir."

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As the driver stops turning, the cyclist's silhouette appears, with the driver apparently still on his bike.

Commenting on the video, another user wrote: "The idiots who think it is fun must really grow up."

The Hampshire console has been approached for comment.

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