Friday , August 12 2022

Runaway Mining Train travels 90 km without a guide to Australia


The train crashed from the rails but did not hurt anyone. (Representative)


A huge iron-rolled train had to be drained remotely after it accelerated through the Australian gaze for about an hour.

The train of 268 wagons began in his solo journey when the driver came down from his cabin to inspect and soon ran up to 110 kilometers per hour.

The mining giant BHP, who owns the four-train train, decided to derail before arriving at Port Hedland near the Pilbara area of ​​West Australia and blasting points.

The train crashed from the rails, destroying about 1,500 meters (1,600 yards) of tracks, but it did not hurt anyone.

Aerial photographs published by the Western Australian showed a trail of twisted debris, with some loaders covered by their iron ore loads.

The BHP has said that the recovery of the train and the fixation of the track – a basic access route for the huge mining installation – will take about a week.

However, he said, the actions will be maintained and the use of stocks will mean that there will be no supply disruption.

Australia is one of the most important sources of iron ore in the world.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it was investigating the Monday incident.

There was no indication of what caused the movement of the train without its driver.

BHP shares traded 1.21% lower on Aus $ 33.14 in Sydney on Wednesday, amid reports in Britain, that the Anglo-Australian company was receiving $ 6.5 billion in damages for the failed Samarco Dam in Brazil in 2015.

BHP is also facing an Australian order that includes investors seeking the coal miner for collapse-related losses.

Nineteen people were killed and a wave of toxic waste was released when a dam broke out at the mine in one of Brazil's worst environmental disasters.

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