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San Francisco 49ers cheerleader knees for the American hymn


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It is not known which of the San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders kneels under the hymn (file picture)

One of the bettors of San Francisco's 49ers knocked on the NFL national knee on Thursday, knocking in the NFL game and echoing protests against the latest players.

A woman who has not been identified has been kneeling before playing against the Oakland Raiders.

The 49ers Colin Kaepernick's former team who kneeled during the hymn as a protest in 2016.

His aim was to highlight the police brutality against African Americans.

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While the other gossip team held the pom-poms unit under the glittering ribbon, one woman kneeled and put her hand on her hip.

If your gesture is confirmed that he will protest, he is the first cheerleader to attend such a demonstration.

The NFL protests began in 2016 when Kaepernick – then the 49ers quarterback – refused to stand on the anthem.

Similar demonstrations have been spread to other troops, and some have decided that weapons will be replaced instead of solidarity with their knees.

But the action proved to be controversial, criticized by fans and US President Donald Trump.

He named players who "did not respect" the American flag "the bitches" and called them.

Kaisernick canceled San Francisco's 49ers contract in March 2017 and is now challenging the National Football Association, arguing that the team owners intentionally froze their activist.

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Two Miami Dolphins kneels under the hymn before playing a September game against Oakland Raiders

In May, according to the American Football League, NFL teams will impose fines if the players kneel under the hymn.

Those who do not want to stand can stay in the locker room until the Star-Spangled Banner is over, the league said.

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President Trump welcomed the move, saying players are not "maybe … they can not be in the country".

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media BoardTrump: Stand for a hymn or maybe leave the country

Many former cheerleaders told ELLE magazine a paper in October 2017 that they would never take part in the demonstrations.

"If I was still a cheerleader, I would not go down, not my job," said the magazine. "I would be very disappointed with what's going on in the country, but I will solve my thoughts and opinions, and I will continue to move."

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