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Valtteri Bottas won the F1 Turkey GP, Verstappen became the championship leader | Formula 1


Valtteri Bottas won the Turkish Grand Prix with a compositional and well-executed run from pole to flag. Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton has made a solid recovery driver to take fifth place out of 11 and keep in touch with his opponent at the World Cup, Max Verstappen. Dutch Red Bull is second, teammate Sergio Perez is third, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is fourth and AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly is sixth.

Bottas’ victory was a dominant race, but Hamilton, who was suddenly loaded with the field, challenged his team’s strategy, which he believed would have cost him at least one podium in Istanbul Park at the end of the race.

For Hamilton, it will not be easy for Bottas to at least limit Verstappen’s ability to score in a tight-knit championship. Verstappen again became the world champion with 6 points.

The win is Bottas’ first career of the season and his 10th career success. It’s too late to defend his place with Mercedes, who signed a contract with Williams George Russell instead of the Finns next year.

The race started with a light but persistent rain that covered the entire morning circuit and clarified the wheel choice for intermediaries. Bottas retained the lead from Verstappen in the first place, and Hamilton finished 10th when Fernando Alonso left the first corner. Sebastian Vettel passed through a lap and hit the ninth lap on the edge of the hairpin.

The world champion openly believed in the conditions and acted warmly
Bottas and Verstappen opened for three seconds while Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri
space in front. Japanese novice, but not in any mood
surrendered and held the line flawlessly. He kept it until the eighth round
Hamilton finally moved a stick outside the fast
left, turn three.

Hamilton was 19 seconds behind the leaders and had a lot of work to do. He flew in the fresh air, circling faster than Bottas for half a second when he caught Pierre Gasly, and the Frenchman ran again and was sent to the 12th in the 15th lap.

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Bottas was 18 seconds ahead and Hamilton was fourth with Verstappen’s teammate Perez in the seventh. The Mexican, who was told by Red Bull to go fast, hit a lap of about a second.

Bottas, Verstappen and Leclerc’s front-runners remained in a solid group as Hamilton lost some time clearing the markers, but Perez’s lap came close to a second. On lap 34, he was on wheels, and Perez did as his team demanded. and resolutely defended. They were side by side along the corners of the tie, and as Hamilton cut the front on the straight side, Pérez grabbed the line to turn the spot into a turn.

Ferrari told Leclerc that he could go all the way on his wheels, and Hamilton believed he could stay out. Mercedes left on its own instinct as it closed four seconds after Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton (right) walks past the race winner and teammate Valtteri Bottas after the race.
Lewis Hamilton (right) walks past the race winner and teammate Valtteri Bottas after the race. Photo: Umit Bektas / AFP / Getty Images

Bottas found the real speed and caught Leclerc, whose wheels were held too low. When the Mercedes entered the Ferrari Leclerc, the Finns regained the lead on lap 47 as they tried to calculate whether Hamilton could go all the way.

If Hamilton could keep from falling, it would be the third result
Mercedes decided not to run the risk of suddenly losing the grip of the tires or failing, and hit it in the 50th lap.
He appeared in front of Gasly. He once again fell to fifth place from Perez.
having a great pace and rapidly surpassing Leclerc in third place.

Hamilton caught Leclerc in the 53rd lap, but was unhappy with his team’s call
reiterated his belief that he should stay out. Fights over it
The new wheels, which put grain on the dry line, were caught by Gasly.
There were tense moments, as when Hamilton took his place
Undoubtedly, he will be connected with the team later.

With the same rubber that Hamilton started racing, he would have finished third before Mercedes’ first approach to safety. Hamilton questioned his decision to stop when race engineer Peter Bonnington told him about the gap with Pierre Gasly in the sixth, and said, “Leave me alone.” “Oh dear, why did you give up? We shouldn’t have come in,” he said.

Teammate Bottas won a landslide victory over Verstappen in 10 seconds. “It’s not easy to choose a strategy, but I’m happy that everything went once and for all,” Bottas said. “It doesn’t take much to get out in this situation, so I had to focus during the race.”

Championship leader Verstappen said: “It was not easy today. The fabric was very greasy and we had to handle the tires. Valtteri moved a little faster, but I’m happy to be in second place, because it’s easy to misunderstand and back away in this situation. “

Norris was seventh for McLaren. Carlos Sainz was eighth for the Ferrari Stroll
Ninth for Aston Martin and 10th for Esteban Ocon for the Alps.

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