Thursday , February 2 2023

Alec Baldine Presented by ABC until Saturday


The spectacle of Alec Baldwin has won the most arrogant TV award: The first downgraded show of the season.

While the actor's talk show did not exist officially canceled, ABC launches the show from Sunday to burn the new episodes that remain on Saturday evenings at 10 pm from December 8. It will be replaced on Sunday by Shark Tank he repeats.

The Unable to send: Fallout and SNL the series of actors made their debut on October 14 at an exceptionally low 2.1 million viewers – the least watched on any major network for the week – and then sank in three more shows to just 1.5 million viewers. Given the motion and the Saturday night ratings, it is incredibly unlikely that more episodes will be ordered beyond the original batch.

ABC put the news on the election night when most media and readers pay attention elsewhere.

The news follows Baldwin making headlines for his arrest in New York for a claim that he killed a man in a controversy over the parking spot. The actor denies the claim.

The talk show has always been a tricky sale – talks with leagues are not easy to pull. In addition, the show was put up against Sunday Soccer and, this week, the World Series. The list of visitors to Baldwin was quite remarkable, however, such as Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian West, Taraji P. Henson, Ricky Gervais and Jeff Bridges.

For more information, see the EW drop list that shows it is more likely to be canceled.

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