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Alec Baldwin was arrested after the New York war – Variety


UPDATED: Alec Baldwin was detained in police custody in New York on Friday and attacked with attacks and harassment after allegedly poaching a man in a Manhattan parking lot. Baldwin refused the charge and drew attention to the situation he was "wrongly mistaken".

A law enforcement source confirmed it Species that Baldwin was held in custody in a West Village parking lot after a dispute with another adult man on Friday. They think that Baldwin had hit the other man and was later arrested while the victim was taken to a local hospital. Baldwin has since been released from custody.

In his statement on Twitter, Baldwin wrote, "The statement that someone was killed in a parking lot is fake."

Baldwin is currently known as NBC's "Saturday Night Live" as president of Donald Trump. NBC had no comment on the arrest. He is also "Match Game" and talk show "The Alec Baldwin Show" of ABC. According to ABC, the latter continues the air on Sundays according to the planned timetable and has no further comments.

Baldwin was not in trouble with the laws first. The battery was charged and later rescinded, when a photographer took part in the nineties. She was arrested for police behavior in 2014.

Baldwin was also photographed in a public clash with a New York paparazzi in 2013. But this police report did not happen.

Trump, who in the past acted against Baldwin's impression of actor "SNL," said "I love her luck" when reporters were arrested on Friday afternoon, according to NBC.

Baldwin's representatives refused to comment on the arrest.

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