Wednesday , May 31 2023

California donkey shop owner receives support from his wife after aneurysm: report


The customers of a California donkey store say they are doing their best to help the business owner and his wife, who has recently been aneurysm.

John and Stella Chhan have spent the counter at Donut City in Seal Beach for years before the recent health problem has arisen, reports KCBS.


John, whose wife is returning to a rehab center, returns to her site daily when the store's donut's stock runs out, according to the outlet. And their customers say they've teamed up to buy the goods so they can close the shop as quickly as possible.

"Come and support this guy," KCBS said with a customer. – It's a great man, it's a big deal.

OSCAR MAYER says that hot dogs continue to be porous in the following:

Supporters of efforts shared the Chhans story and encouraged people to buy dozens of donuts, KCBS said.

"I really appreciate it," said John 11 of the commitment and support of the community of wood to the Fox.

As for his wife, it seems to be on the mind and "doing better," he added.

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