Monday , May 29 2023

Jeffrey Dean Morgan calls Armie Hammer for Stan Lee's tributes


Actor "The Walking Dead" said Hammer sounded "like a real asshat" by shading the tributes to the late Stan Lee.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the growing rivalry against Armie Hammer after star "Call Me By Your Name" got into the social media to criticize how comics and filmmakers grumbled the late Stan Lee. In a tweet that was deleted on November 12th, the day passed by Stan Lee, Hammer threw the issue with fans posting photos of themselves to commemorate the legend of comic book.

"So it touched all the celebrities who publish photos with Stan Lee," Hammer said in the social media (through People). "There is no better way to honor an absolute myth than to create an image of yourself."

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Hammer worked out his opinion when he responded to a fan: "If Stan struck your life (that is, all our lives) with his work, after his work touched you the most." The detachment of a selfie makes his death you and how cool you felt to take a photo with him. "

Morgan stole Hammer because he was a hypocrite to share these thoughts the day Lee passed. "It seems you've found a way to use other ways of mourning and their memories to get some attention to yourself," said the actor. "It sounds like real unholy."

The hammer later highlighted Mark Ruffalo's position as an example. Ruffalo, who starred as Bruce Banner / The Hulk at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, valued a tribute to Stan Lee on his own social media pages with a photo of the comic legend he had next to a Hulk statue.

"In fact, yes," Hammer said when asked by a fan if Ruffalo's position was the right thing. "This was an example that distinguished me and made me think that his position was actually about Stan."

The hammer follows opposite Felicity Jones to the biopic Ruth Bader Ginsburg "On the bases of sex" at these Christmas theaters. Morgan, meanwhile, is a regular cast member of AMC's "Walking Dead."



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