North California Firefighters say a quick firefight has destroyed a few thousand structures. The 27,000 inhabitants of Paradise, California, had said to be evacuated as the fire burned over 28 square miles. (November 9th)

Rapidly developing fires in California have forced tens of thousands of people to quickly evacuate their homes, including several prominent celebrities who took part in social media on Thursday to reveal that they were hit by the fire.

Kim Kardashian West took the story of Instagram to share pictures of the fires, revealing that she was returning home from a trip and hastened to pack and empty her home in Kalambaka.

"Pray for Kalambasa," wrote in the history of Instagram along with an aerial view of the fires. "He just landed back home and had 1 hour to pack and empty our house. I pray that everyone is safe."

The star of reality later added: "Firefighters arrive. Thank you for everything we do for us!"

She then shared a picture of her children wearing pajamas sitting on the pavement after the evacuation, writing: "North is always in good mood."

Kardashian West's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, also took the story of Instagram to reveal she was evacuating. He shared a picture of the body of a car full of objects and wrote, "I pray that everyone is safe and protected from these fires, no Calabass tonight."

Her younger sister, Chloe Cardassian, wrote that he had fallen under his brother Rob Cardassian, his daughter, her dream and her daughter, true.

The Kardashians were not the only stars to hit the fires. Actor Alyssa Milano, a sincere voice of the #MeToo movement, wrote that she was also evacuated.

"I just had to vacate my home from the fires," she sent tweeted. "I got my kids, my dogs, my computer and my Doc Marten boots (my husband is in New York, the horses are evacuated by my trainer)."

Actor Rainn Wilson tweeted that his house had been evacuated, and his pigs and dogs were fine.

"Send your prayers to the people of Thousand Oaks and to the victims of the shootings that now have to empty their homes and their neighborhoods," the Headline said. "Then send them some cash."

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