Monday , May 29 2023

Raiders release Bruce Irvin's edge


ALAMEDA – The NFL side line is a drifter. The cameras will catch almost every interaction during the game, most of which are very boring.

You can see that tablets and talk strategies are staring or coaches are trying to set up positions. He reacts with some funny facial expressions, good and bad. And in rare cases, the exchange programs are getting worse and the fans are torturing the guy.

This was Raiders' coach Jon Gruden and defensive coordinator Paul Guenther after Raheem Mostert's 52 yards touchdown run on Thursday 34-3 loss at the 49ers at Levi Stadium.

Gruden received Guenther's attention, and with an embarrassing loss he made another great game, and Guenther felt a little applause.

Window windows are often exposed disproportionately, so outsiders are wondering if Gruden-Guenther dynamics have broken up in some way.

That certainly is not the case. Gruden chose Guenther to help rebuild this Raiders franchise. The two are close together at Easy Bay and work in the carpool most days. They are in a disadvantageous position to implement a long-term plan.

Gruden said this at a press conference on Friday afternoon when he was asked about the heated exchange program.

"Visit us on the golf course," said Gruden. "Look, go down the field, you go to a touchdown, and I do not know there's a 52-yard race in the next game and you say," What the hell happened? "You know, you're talking to someone on the phone, and the next thing you know is a great game." Frustration is in my name and my name. "I'm certain emotions sometimes get the tape, but no better coach than Paul Guenther. better friend than Paul Guenther.

"We're probably debating this very night and we will be doing a lot of things. I'll see if she can get you videos.

He trusts Townsend

Rookie punter Johnny Townsend had another poor performance against the 49ers with a net average of 36.5 and the second worst percentage of penalties within the 20-yard line.

At times he fought with both power and accuracy, and the bad ones went beyond good. Gruden continues to be the University of Florida product despite the latest results.

"I think you're thinking a little bit about things," Gruden said. "Directed punting, the ball between the numbers on the right, right, left, faster, whatever, I do not excuse Townsend, but I say I saw him bombarded. I saw him distinct and I'm sure he is in the near future.

"I went through this [Shane] Lechler. Lechler missed. Previously, he was trying to put the ball out of Black Hole instead of attempting to get inside the 10th [Sebastian] Janikowski. Janikowski everyone hated the first three or four games. I will be impatient and everyone knows that this is not mine. "

O-Line Mixing

Raiders suffered more injuries in their offensive line. Kolton Miller and Kelechi Osemele caused aggravated knee injuries, which have recently hindered them, which will keep them in front of Los Angeles chargers next week.

Gruden refused to announce both players but bought the insurance cover. It was claimed that in the 2016th round David Sharpe resigned from Houston and T.J. The injured reserve is broken and offers a left-wing solution if Miller can not go.

Jon Feliciano plays the left side if Osemele is on the shelf.

Gruden said the team record would not influence the caution to return these players.

"We will never risk gamblers. We would never do that," Gruden said. "If they can play it, let them play. It plays a major role in being a professional professional footballer. There were guys with iron-and-man stripes. … You never feel good. These people never feel comfortable from the day when the training camp starts off to the offseason for two months. If the coach says we're in danger, they will not play. If they are able to play something, we will try to encourage them to do so, as well as encouraging everyone to do it in every situation. "

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