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The National Security Assistant goes out after the attack with the first lady


President Trab was removed from his deputy national security adviser last Wednesday, moving to resolve an unusual controversy Melania Trump against her husband's National Security Council.

One day after Mrs Trump's call for Mira Ricardel to leave her post, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the deputy national security adviser would soon move to an undefined new management role.

Mrs. Ricardel "will continue to support the president as she leaves the White House to take on a new role," said Sanders, adding that Mr Trump was grateful for the "steady pursuit of national security priorities."

Mrs. Ricardel's abrupt surrender comes amid a wider move by the White House that could see the departure of the head of staff John Kelly and Interior Minister Kirstjen Nielsen.

The President's advisors described the upheavals within the White House over the last few days, with assistants fighting for new jobs left by employees departing or expected to leave.

The first White House official who fell after the midterm elections was Mrs Ricardel, which became the unexpected focus point of the White House controversy, while her head, National Security Adviser John Bolton, was 13 hours away. Mr. Bolton spent the day in Singapore, where he met with Vice President Mike Pencefor in meetings with Asian leaders.

Back at the White House, it was clear on Wednesday that Mrs Ricardel would not be able to keep her job, Trump said he wanted to leave.

Ms. Ricardel lost Mrs Trump's support after a controversy over the first lady's trip to Africa last month, according to current and former officials of the administration.

The two women's assistants clashed with the fact that the first lady's plane had seats for the National Security Council staff, and relations worsened after that, said these people.

On Tuesday, the First Lady's office issued an unusual statement saying that the Deputy National Security Advisor "is no longer worth the honor of serving in the White House".

The statement astonished many White House officials, especially those in Mr Bolton's office, US officials said. Mr Bolton has defended Mrs Ricardel at the White House meetings, working to protect a close ally.

Mr Bolton's office refused to comment on Wednesday.

But Mrs Ricardel is flitting systematically with White House officials beyond the First Lady's office, the consultants said.

A White House official described the deputy national security advisor as overly cautious in rankings and vulnerable to interference in other employees' communications. Ms. Ricardel also appeared opposed to working with West Wing officials, preferring to go directly to the president, the official said.

Several Western Wing officials were "very distracted" by the statement of the first lady on Tuesday, the official said.

Mrs. Ricardel came to the White House after her intervention in Mr Trump's transition group and worked as Deputy Minister in the Department of Commerce. In the transition group, Ms. Ricardel clashed with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis for his choices for Pentagon jobs.

This created an atmosphere of suspicion that masked Ricardel's relations with the Pentagon when he took his work at the White House in May, according to Defense Department officials.

The White House did not provide details on the location or timing of its new role.

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He appeared in the November 15, 2018 edition, as "Bolton's Deputy Remains Out of Work".

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